Each weekend throughout the year, Qi invites local, interstate, and overseas speakers to present a great range of one and two day workshops.

Workshops cover a broad range of topics, including Spiritual Development Courses, Holistic Health Workshops, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Development, Sound Healing, Working with Crystals, Chakras, and many more!

Workshops are listed once the facilitator has provided us with the details. Please contact the workshop facilitators directly as they run their own businesses and take their own bookings. Below is our current list of workshops. Follow the links to read more about each workshop.


August 5: Psychic & Spiritual Development: One-Day Workshop with Drift Lee

August 8: Shamanic Meditation & Healing with Carol Partridge

August 6: Dragon Lore: Quest for Ancient Knowledge with Janette Watkins

August 12: Unleash Your Goddess Workshop with Rena Harvey

August 13: Book Launch: The Two Worlds Of Your Teenager by Sonya Karras & Sacha Kaluri

August 13: Atlantis: Crystal Healing, Readings & Dolphin Consciousness with Janette Watkins

August 19 & 20: Alpha Alignment & Breakthrough Workshop with Dr. Robert Cote

August 19 & 20: Awaken Your Intuition Workshop: Module One with Lynne Woolfson & Denise Richards

August 20: Learn How To Do Mediumship Readings with Janette Watkins

August 26: Effortless Meditation with Immediate Results with Balanced View

August 27: Space Listening with Lida van den Berg

August 27: Ignite Your Intuition with Kathryn Ottobrino

August 27: Native American — The Sacred Circle (New Course Starts) with Janette Watkins

August 29: Earth Magic Circle with Carol Partridge


September 2: Self-Clearing Workshop with David Lane

September 3: Saint Germaine – The Violet Flame: Trance Channelling with Janette Watkins

September 9: An Introduction to the Sacred Geometry Healing Cards with Emily Kisvarda

September 9: FREE EVENT: Transformational Healing Gathering with Heidi Williams

September 12: Shamanic Meditation & Healing with Carol Partridge

September 16 & 17: Alpha Alignment & Breakthrough Workshop with Dr. Robert Cote

September 17 & 24: Reiki 2nd Degree with Lida van den Berg

September 23: Talking WITH the Animals with Caroline Pope

September 26: Earth Magic Circle with Carol Partridge


October 8: “The Art Of Letting Go” workshop with Kathryn Ottobrino

October 10: Shamanic Meditation & Healing with Carol Partridge

October 14 & 15: Alpha Alignment & Breakthrough Workshop with Dr. Robert Cote

October 15 & 22: Intensive Chakra Awareness with Lida van den Berg

October 31: Earth Magic Circle with Carol Partridge


November 14: Shamanic Meditation & Healing with Carol Partridge

November 18 & 19: Alpha Alignment & Breakthrough Workshop with Dr. Robert Cote

November 19 & 26: Reiki 3A Advanced Practitioner Workshop with Lida van den Berg

November 28: Earth Magic Circle with Carol Partridge


December 9 & 10: Alpha Alignment & Breakthrough Workshop with Dr Robert Cote


February 2018:

February 18: Reiki 1: Self-Care with Justine Telfer