The Amazing Frequency of 2018 by Lida van den Berg

The Amazing Frequency of 2018

by Lida van den Berg

Firstly, I would like to wish all who are reading this article and their family and friends a most inspiring 2018 filled with much love and laughter. Keep Shining.

There are two sections to this article. The first will outline what was shown to me at the beginning of December 2017 as to how 2018 will unfold energetically.

Personally, I have a strong sense of the feminine force being more present on a global scale. There will be an even greater emphasis on considering the differences and yet recognising that as a human race we all want the same. Open communication will continue to flourish, there is a growing tendency to listen with curiosity and a desire to understand, even if some of the dialogue is confronting.

2018 when added equals 11 (2+0+1+8=11). Some may choose to reduce the number 11 to equal 2. Whilst I am not a numerologist I have had my attention on numbers for decades and am strongly drawn to pay attention to 11.

11 is a master number, and as a master number the frequency has great potential to manifest that which is in the dark or to manifest that which is in the light.

The standalone 1 represents just that…to be at ease with standing alone. To speak your truth from the heart space. To embrace being a leader. All this sounds promising unless you believe that you are controlled by others or your circumstances. If there is cynicism or animosity preventing you from shining or from wanting to see others shine this is the perfect time to demonstrate compassion for the shadow self.

Choose the next few days to identify if the relevant archetype is preventing you from entering this next phase in a heart centred way. List on paper any negating thoughts, fear-based or the like that you would like to release. Then imagine setting these free. You could imagine putting yourself in a pink bubble of light and then placing the energy of the list into a pink bubble and watch it float away. Then intuitively choose what to do with the piece of paper.

The second section of this article is outlining a rune spread which was performed on 27 December 2017 to gain insight on what to expect for 2018. Rune means whispered secret. I felt compelled to share this with you and hope you see the potential that I see.

The first two runes represent the issue (or what has past)…namely events of the past and how we globally handled past events. In this forecast they are INGUZ (also known as ING) and EIHWAZ.

INGUZ = ending cycles to bring about new beginnings

EIHWAZ = ending situations and solving problems

The second two represent what may have caused conflicts in relation to the past….namely KANO (also known as KENAZ) and URUZ(reversed).

KANO = restoring self-confidence and strengthening will power

URUZ reversed = as with upright indicates change. When reversed you may not like the change. If surrounded by positive runes, which it is, the change will be for the best


The next two runes represent advise….namely ANSUZ and SOWELU (also known as SIGEL).

ANSUZ = increasing communication skills, pass tests and gain wisdom

SOWELU = increasing vitality and good health. Power to achieve objectives

Last rune represents the result. In this cast the rune is WUNJO

WUNJO = bringing joy, light, happiness and spiritual transformation

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