Astrology: more than just a Star Sign by James Stanton

Astrology: more than just a Star Sign

by James Stanton

October 10, 2016

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences practiced by humans. It has been in use for over 3000 years. There are two main types of Astrology in the world, Chinese and Western Astrology. Western Astrology first appeared around Persia and in earlier times it was used to determine someone’s fate at birth. Astrology has also been used to determine someone’s personality and flaws. In many ways astrology had the final say in the outcomes of not only the lives of individuals but also the outcome of wars and the fate of entire nations. It has withstood the test of time unlike many other spiritual modalities. In these so called modern times forecasts can be found in nearly every form of communication, from radio to newspapers. For many people, astrology is one of the first spiritual disciplines that they come across in their search for inner knowledge. And yet many people do not know more than their Star Sign or as it’s correctly known, our Sun Sign. A Sun Sign is simply found out by our date of birth. Everyone knows their Sun Sign. The Sun Sign is symbolic of our personality or the side of us that is shown to the outside world. It is the mask we wear in order to function on the physical plane and which allows us to interact with others. The Sun Sign is an important part of who we are and yet it is only a fraction of the true image of who we really are. In order to see who we really are, to find out our strengths and weaknesses and to see the Karma we came into this life with a Birth chart is needed.

A Birth chart is essentially a star map. It shows the position of the constellations and the planets at the time of birth. This allows an astrologer to see the influence of all the planets in a person’s personality. As an example the Moon show’s the emotional qualities a person has, Mercury the qualities of the intellect, Venus, how we are in relationships and so on through all the planets. Every planet has an affect on us and its position can only be accurately determined by a Birth chart. By being able to place the constellations on the chart a persons Rising Sign or Ascendant is discovered. This is one of the key reasons of doing a Birth Chart. The Ascendant is the constellation that is on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. If a person were to be looking towards the east at the time of their birth they would see their Ascendant coming up over the horizon. This is where the name “Rising Sign” comes from. The Ascendant is our inner personality, our deeper and more truthful self. When a person walks the path of self knowledge they grow from their Sun Sign towards their Ascendant.

As we evolve the Moon is transformed from being the mirror for our ego into, a window for the spirit. The last pieces of vital information we glean from a Birth Chart are The Aspects. These are calculated from the degrees in the circle that separate the planets from each other. Not every planet has an aspect. Some charts have an abundance of Aspects while others are conspicuous by their absence. There are five major Aspects and several (depending of the style of the chart) minor ones. Two are positive, two are challenging and 1 is known by its intensity. It is by looking at these aspects we can see the areas where we are have positive, neutral and negative Karma. A birth chart also places the planets in what are called the Houses. The houses express how a person uses their emotions or intellect in a social background.

To be able to create a birth chart the time, place and date of birth are required. The accuracy of the time of birth is very important. Any deviation by 15 or minutes can lead to critical errors. In relationships one persons chart can be compared to their partners. A chart that is done for a child can aid the parent by providing knowledge and insight as to the path ahead for that child. In order to do accurate forecasts a birth chart is needed. And most importantly a Birth Chart gives us knowledge about ourselves that is useful for a lifetime.

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