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Garnet Dreaming

Qi Cargill

Garnet Dreaming December 13, 2014 Today feels special, different from other days; A turning point, my life’s work reaching some new level. Yesterday, we received a shipment from overseas and I had no idea what was in it. The frustrations we have had over the past few years trying to build workable business relationships in […]

Why is Spring the Best Time for a Detox? by Nadia Woods

Why Is Springtime The Best Time For Detox? By Nadia Woods Similar to why we feel so compelled to clear out the cupboards and de clutter the home, Spring brings a sense of renewal and increased energy. Through the winter months we endured less sunlight, spent less time outdoors (so less fresh air and exercise) […]

Why Detox? by Nadia Woods

Why Detox? by Nadia Woods Here I sit, feeling compelled to write about the small intestine. Why? Whilst encumbered by old, useless and seemingly irrelevant emotions which have lingered for too long, I ponder the seasonal change which brings heat and fire, and how this emphasises the small intestine and heart. The emotions I refer […]

Why am I Fatigued? by Nadia Woods

Why Am I Fatigued? by Nadia Woods Fatigue can present physically or psychologically. In physical fatigue you will notice an inability to preform normal daily tasks such as carrying groceries, or climbing stairs. In physiological fatigue you will find difficulty in concentrating or low motivation and depressive mood. Some symptoms caused by fatigue are: headache, […]

Becoming a Psychotherapist or Counsellor- by Dr Kaalii Cargill

People have many reasons for choosing a career as a psychotherapist or counsellor. One important reason maybe the desire to come to terms with one’s own conflicts. Another reason may be the desire to help others. Whatever the initial motivation, the decision to train as a psychotherapist or counsellor can be the beginning of a […]

Minerals and Kids… food for growth, relaxation and sleep by Nadia Wood

Invaluable Minerals I am sure we are all familiar with the notion that foods affect mood, energy, and cognition. Often undervalued, magnesium is a mineral which is becoming increasingly required thorough diet. Did you know your body can rapidly use it’s supply of magnesium in times of stress? That poses the question, ‘how much is […]

How a supervised, Pre Conception Detox Can Support Pregnancy by Nadia Woods

In our environment and increasingly in today’s society, we are burdened by toxins and chemicals. Many of these toxins specifically disrupt the endocrine (hormonal) system of the body. For women this is evident in hormonal imbalances, particularly oestrogen excess and increased PMS symptoms. Over time these toxins continue to build up in our bodies, and […]

Hidden Toxins in Our Homes

Do you, or do any of your loved ones, suffer from any of the following? These conditions may appear because of, or be exacerbated by, chemical toxicity in our bodies: Poor sleep Waking unrefreshed Low energy / vitality Poor immune system Migraine Period Pain Allergies Skin rashes Bloating Asthma Learning difficulties Poor / occluded teeth […]

What is Feminine Presence, and how to we go about cultivating it? by Elizabeth Haines

Change is the only constant in life yet for many people, it is also one of the most significant contributors to stress. To make conscious change is to take new steps activated by our unlimited human potential, free from the distortions that arise when decisions are made from fear and stress. So it makes sense […]

Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Cramping)

Primary dysmenorrhea is uterine cramping related to normal menstruation and is common. For some the cramping can be so bad that pain relief is required. Herbal medicines are proven to be equally as effective as pharmaceutical medicines in managing dysmenorrhea. What can I try at home? For gentle relief there are some home remedies which […]