Cultivate Beautiful Boundaries

with Trina Hinkley 


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10AM – 4:30PM



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Garden Studio

(745 Glen Huntly Road, Caulfield South)

Contact & Bookings:  

0403 045 173


Do you feel like people trample all over you? Are you being taken advantage of? Do you feel disempowered? Are your needs being overlooked?

Or perhaps you feel lonely and isolated? Do you feel disconnected from others? Are you scared to open up and share yourself with others?

Then join this unique opportunity to Cultivate Beautiful Boundaries to help you care for yourself and build healthy relationships.

Right now, you’re reading this because you feel like a doormat OR you feel isolated from others. You feel trampled on, taken for granted, used, disrespected and unseen. OR you feel isolated, lonely, detached, and disconnected from others.

Whatever position you’re in, you’re longing to have your needs heard and met, and to have healthy, supportive connections with others. You want to be seen for who you are. You want to feel valued and respected. You want deep, authentic connections with others without having to compromise on who you are.

Cultivating healthy boundaries is an essential part of your life adventure.

Are you ready to take the next step?

In this Workshop, you will…
• Find what your main challenges are in having healthy boundaries
• Learn what healthy boundaries look like
• Find the courage to create the boundaries that you need
• Learn how to harness the power of your chakras and key archetypal energies to nurture and communicate your boundaries
• Identify 3 boundaries you need to put in place and how to do that so you can improve your sense of self-worth and the quality of your relationships

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About Trina

I’m Dr Trina Hinkley. I am an internationally-recognised, award-winning expert in behaviour change. I am passionate about life. I adore hiking, camping and being in the Aussie outdoors.

In The Expanded Self, I bring together wisdom from decades of learning and practice in 3 solid pillars:

  1. the rigour of Western evidence-based science, so I know what works.
  2. the breadth of Eastern philosophies and practices, so I can support you to use daily practices in your life that give you the outcomes you yearn for.
  3. the depth of ancient wisdom from Australian Aboriginal earth connection, so I can guide you to find a connection that will help ground and nourish you in a way you may not realise exists.

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