Free Talk: Introduction to the YOUR SOUL PURPOSE master course


Introduction to the ‘Your Soul Purpose’ Mastercourse

with Josephine Celeste


March 3


1:00PM – 3:00PM





745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Josephine Celeste

Bookings Essential:

0410 190 593


Join revered Shaman and Twin Flame expert Josephine Celeste talk about her new soul purpose mastery course for Twin Flames.

This powerful and transformational course has been generously given by spiritual masters to help Twin Flames recognize their soul purpose and connect to their true self.

If you identify as a Twin Flame or are curious about the Twin Flame union, learn how you can discover your Twin Flame potential and the unique gifts this mastery course will give you so you can enhance your soul’s evolution and fulfill your souls destiny.

Josephine Celeste was born in Melbourne in the 1960’s and spent her twenties working as a celebrity hairdresser.

After a series of life changing events, her spiritual curiosity wove its path, and she spent five years training with a spiritually enlightened master as a psychic and healer. Mastering the ancient learning’s of the Great White Spirit and ISIS the Egyptian Goddess. Josephine then established “The Himalaya Center” on the outskirts of Melbourne, where for a decade she continued to develop her powerful modalities to heal and guide everyone from the famous to the forgotten, and the powerful to the powerless.

A self-confessed Shaman from birth, Josephine’s lineage has gifted her with multiple faculties. One of her greatest abilities is to access the ancient Akashic records to accurately recalling past lives to release deep trauma, negativity, blocks, repetitive ancestral patterns. Providing guidance to those in search of themselves, and their soul’s purpose. At the center of her work is the Twin Flame union.

The New Year marks the release of her first book, a psychic romance about the Twin Flame union. Due for release in April 2019