The Moon in Astrology, Tarot and the Kabbalah by James Stanton

The Moon in Astrology, Tarot and the Kabbalah

by James Stanton 

Humans have wondered about and been fascinated by the Moon for as long as we can remember. Is it not fascinating that when it eclipses the Sun it blocks it out perfectly? Is this a mere coincidence or not? We may never know the answers to this question but it won’t stop us enquiring and searching for the truth. The moon affects the tides and everyone knows that their emotions can do interesting things during a full moon. The term lunatic has lunar references tied to it. It is no wonder then that it has so much symbolism woven through it. Until the invention of the telescope the Moon was thought to be a perfect circle with no form as such. The first time a telescope was turned on it was seen as a planet within itself.

In Astrology the Moon has become to be known as the symbol for our emotions. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and any connection to this location in a chart deepens the emotions of that person. If the Moon is connected with any of the water signs it can be stronger and have more affect than their Sun sign. The moon is associated with the element of water and is termed reactive while the Sun can be seen as active. The Moon does not shine by its own light and can only reflect the light of the Sun. If we transpose this into our spiritual side we know that we can never be The Light but that we can reflect it and allow it to shine through us. The Moon gives us our connection to our intuition, hunches and instincts. It connects our outer world to our inner world and depending on the strength of that connection will determine our ability to use those hidden skills.


Moon Card Tarot

In the Tarot (Rider Waite deck) we see the Moon eclipsing the Sun. But the face in the picture is inward looking seeking for answers as to why the beasts (the mood we are in) are coming out of the sea (subconscious). Here we see the Moon being the mirror to our subconscious. When we are happy and life is flowing then we tend to look outward and usually away from ourselves. But when we feel challenged we turn our attention and look inwards seeking the truth as to why we are no longer in that joyful place. It is a time of soul searching and once we come to the point where we block ourselves (Towers) we are able to walk on along the path that is shown to us at the time of our epiphany. In readings I do not see the Moon as a negative card despite its appearance. It can be challenging and frustrating but the reason it is there is to stop us charging ahead into something that might be yet more challenging. What we are seeing is the reflection of energy before transformation. From the pool (subconscious) we see a crayfish (kundalini) rising up. The Moon is the dark night of the soul which is what we all go through, every time, before we see the Light. The beasts to either side of the crayfish are the blockages we must see through before we can move forward.

In the Kabbalah the Tree of Life consists of 22 paths and 10spheres with my logo showing this clearly. There are several ways that the planets have been laid out in the Tree. The most common has the moon connecting the spheres of the Ego (Yesod) and the sphere of our higher self (Tipheret). Yesod can be found on the middle pillar 2nd from the bottom. Tipheret lies just above Yesod. The Moon is therefore the symbol of the way we use our ego as a mirror and reflect it down into the physical plane. With spiritual practices, awareness and growth the mirror is slowly changed from being a mirror into a window. With this window we can turn our attention in and upwards to the higher planes. Initially we start to align ourselves with these higher energies but once the connection between our ego and higher self has been made we are able to do a lot more. It is important that the connection with the Ego is not broken. This helps us to stay grounded, keep our compassion balanced with our intellect and empathise with other people. With the Moon connecting our lower and higher selves we can actively bring down the grace of the Divine and have a positive effect on our lives and the lives of those to who we are connected.

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