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Spring & Rebirth at Qi 🌸

September is Spring! After our long, cold winter we can welcome the buds and shoots of new life.

Spring and springtime suggest rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. It is the time of conception, regeneration and new beginnings (Eostara in the European tradition). This is the time to celebrate new life with Eostara eggs – animals are reproducing, buds and flowers appear on plants, and the air is sweeter. Unfortunately we usually celebrate Easter according to the Northern Hemisphere seasons, so the symbolic meanings have been lost. Perhaps you can organise your own Eostara ritual this year to welcome this season – boil eggs and paint them, leave offerings in the garden, dance barefoot in the grass to celebrate new growth.

What needs new growth or regeneration in your life? Health? Following your heart? Creativity? Make your own list!

Spring is the time to start again. You can invite the Spring energy into your body and your life by standing outside with the signs of Spring, sensing the sap rising into the trees, the eggs incubating in the nests, the buds bursting with life. Bring this revival into your own body, becoming curious about what needs to grow in your life. To symbolise this, you can tie a green ribbon to the branch of a tree or the leaf of a potted plant to remind you of the promise of Spring: new life starts, bringing new chances and opportunities, bringing energy to grow, physically and spiritually.

We are so excited to announce that Stage 1 of our Expansion is near completion. Come and take a sneak peek at our newly fitted-out jewellery & crystal shop next door, at 745 Glen Huntly Road. Our existing shop is currently being refitted for the bookshop and cafe.

Crystals and gemstones for Spring:

  • Sunstone
  • Ruby Zoisite
  • Ocean Jasper
  • Azurite
  • Moss Agate
  • Celestite


By popular demand and with more practitioners on board, we’ve decided to run Open Day over two days. This will accomodate for longer free talks & workshops!

You are welcome to attend as many free talks and workshops over the Saturday and Sunday. Mini treatments will now be offered for the whole month of November, to be pre-booked directly with the practitioner of your choice.

A list of participating practitioners and schedule of talks and workshops will be announced soon.

If you can’t make it on one day, you can make it the next!

We are each awakening so quickly now to what truly is right for us. We are feeling more and more confident to simply step away from all that does not serve us, from all that will never serve us. It is not a matter of ‘working on’ ourself, but recognizing that certain alignments pull us down, or out, no matter what.

Let’s spend a moment together connecting with the Divine, with God, with Spirit. Breathing in, coming into centre… (read more)

When it comes to looking after anxiety & mental health, nutrition is key. So many times in clinic I speak to patients with chronic anxiety who are missing key nutrients in their diet.

I am a big advocate of smoothies to help jam in some nutrients into your diet. It just makes it a lot easier and it’s a pretty yummy way to do your Naturopathic homework as it were.

So I thought I’d share one of my easy mental health smoothies to help with anxiety & cognition… (read more)

Let’s be real, when you are feeling like crap and people tell you to smile it can be really annoying, and even piss you off sometimes.  But, once you get passed being annoyed or PO’d, if you think about, you will know that they might be on to something and are not trying to give you the shits.

Biological psychology researchers have found that our facial expressions, influence our cognitive responses to our environment and experiences…. (read more)

Loving ourselves does not come easily for many of us and yet self-love is the foundation of resilience. The only person you will be with for the entirety of your life from birth to death is – YOU. There will be many others sharing the journey of life with you but only you will be there through all of your experiences. It makes sense then that if you can get good at loving yourself you will set yourself up to be able to support yourself in healthy ways through life’s ups and downs. Furthermore, a by-product of loving and appreciating yourself is that you will naturally attract others… (read more)


September 1: With Love for the Afterlife – Live Mediumship Demonstration & Talk with Kim Bleeze

September 1: Open Spiritual Development Class with Kim Bleeze

September 2: Goddess Baste & The Temple Cats of Ancient Egypt with Janette Watkins

September 8: Alpha Alignment & Breakthrough Workshop with Dr. Cote

September 9: Loving Yourself Soulfully with Josephine Celeste

September 9: ‘Tapping Into Past Lives’ Book Signing & Launch with Jenny Johnston 

September 9: Archangels, Fairy Kingdom & Flower Devas with Janette Watkins

September 13: Introductory Women’s Wisdom Circle with Sharon Sztar

September 15 & 16: Goddess Isis Alchemy Level 1 with Samantha Collins

September 16: The Oracle of Delphi – Crystal Ball Readings & Mandalas with Janette Watkins

September 22 & 23: Crystal Alchemy with Manjit Mieszkowski 

September 23: Shamanic Vision Quest, Journey Sticks & Past Life Healing with Janette Watkins

September 29 & 30: Astrology for Beginners with Charles Jameson & Kathryn Tutill

September 30: Crystal Grids: Lumeria, Atlantic & the Turtle Clans with Janette Watkins

Welcoming Sharon onboard at our Healing Centre: 

Sharon Sztar

  • Stillness through Movement Teacher

  • Women’s Wisdom & Wellness Mentor

  • Menstrual Cycle Health Educator

“Hi, my name is Sharon. If you’d have met me 15 years ago, you’d have met an adrenalin-led, corporate communications executive who thrived on busy-ness and movement. If you’d have met me seven years ago, you’d have met a severely ill person suffering from debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)” …. read more

What is a Women’s Wisdom Circle:

A Women’s Wisdom Circle is a time honoured way to explore the path of womanhood. In ancient times, women used to gather regularly ‘in circle’ to share stories, love and wisdom. Reviving these sacred women’s gatherings is one way of reviving parts of our feminine nature and lineage that have been lost or ‘misplaced’ in today’s modern world.

Sharon will be offering an Introductory Women’s Circle on September 13, before running them on a weekly basis from October 11 onwards.

Ever wondered what may be causing your constant bloating? Do you suffer with wind and feel blah after eating? Do you feel like some foods just don’t agree with you? Food intolerance testing may be the answer for you!

Jasmine King is offering a special on food intolerance testing and interpretation for the months of September and October. With your special you will receive food intolerance testing for over 40 foods. You will receive your own test result report to take home and keep. And you will receive a 30 minute interpretation consult from Jasmine going through your results and what they mean for you. It’s a chance to answer the question: ‘Are food intolerances affecting your health?Food intolerance testing costs $300-400 or more on its own. Jasmine is offering both testing and interpretation for the cost of $330. Contact Jasmine today to organize your referral and book a time to have your results interpreted.

Available for the months of September & October only. After purchase of this deal it is the patient’s responsibility to go to the nearest Australian Clinical Labs collection centre and have blood taken in order to have testing done. The patient must ensure that they take the referral form that Jasmine has filled out to the collection centre and they must give it to the collector. Money should only change hands between the patient and Naturaljaz. No payment should be charged at the collection centre. Contact Naturaljaz immediately if there is a problem with this on collection. The special covers only the cost of the testing and the result interpretation. Jasmine will go through the details of the results and offer general advice and guidance; however more personalised advice and treatment will require booking a Naturopath consult separately. 

Thank you for reading!

Love & Light,