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November at Qi

With the silly season almost upon us, we have been working hard to make sure that we have lots of great gift ideas and new goodies for you to choose from. Lots of new stock arriving daily!

We have a great range of jewellery on sale at the moment, and our Open Day mini-treatments are still available to be booked here: click here

Thank you to everyone braved the weather and came to our Open Day. Once again, we had a day of beautiful community spirit and our hearts are filled with gratitude for your continued support.

Read on for the latest at Qi!

During November there may be a sense of going into the underworld as we are in a Scorpio cycle. Transformation, sex, death, taxes, and so on are all highlighted this month.

Energetically there is a lot happening with the solar plexus, particularly just underneath the tight band of muscle below the abdomen. This area is like a pocket, and there may be a sense of being submerged, or even of being pulled down into a pit or pool of water… (read more)

Good health is not just about eating heathy food and exercise. We can run and go to gym everyday and drink celery juice till the cows come home but if our minds are constantly churning with negative thoughts, it will be overriding all that healthy work we have been doing.

Every thought is energy, so every thought has an impact on our body and environment. When we have happy, positive thoughts and emotions… (read more)

Today is Halloween, so what better day to be writing about negative entities, spooky influences and things that go bump in the night?

The radio conversations on my journey to work were all about hauntings, visitations and unexplained metaphysical phenomena, so it was no surprise when my first client of the day needed an entity removal. Spirit intrusions or psychic attacks really can occur if your aura is damaged. The hole in the aura is literally a portal to lower vibrational energies… (read more)

November 2019:

November 2: Free Pranic Healing Clinic with Healing Life 

November 3: Codes for Change & Acceleration with Emeraldine Therapies

November 3: Gypsy Fortune Telling with Janette Watkins

November 7: Full Moon Women’s Circle with Sharon Sztar

November 10: Reiki 1 with Andrea Lowrey

November 10: Short Workshop – Spirit Readings, Automatic Writing & Colour Healings with Janette Watkins

November 16 & 17: Pellowah Level 1 & 2 Course with Cindy Melksham 

November 17: Oracle of Delphi – Crystal Ball Readings & Spirit Mandala with Janette Watkins

November 21: New Moon Women’s Circle with Sharon Sztar 

November 23: Nurturing Intuitive Workshop – connection to higher self with Susie Wells

November 24: Sound Bath Healing Meditation with Rhonda Edwards

November 24: Tibetan Bowl, Chant, Meditation & Readings with Janette Watkins

November 30: Shamanic Journey with Jennifer Seitanidis

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