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Welcoming 2019 at Qi

We are looking forward to the year ahead with much excitement… and anticipation. With two major projects for 2019- our sights are firmly set on opening our whole food organic café and launching our online store… it is sure to be as busy as ever for all of us at Qi!

This month we have four new practitioners joining our team of talented holistic practitioners- feel free to give them a call if you have any questions about the way they work or to make a booking.

Our weekend workshop space (Garden Studio) is quickly filling up- This means once again we’ll be bringing you a huge range of weekend courses and workshops throughout 2019. Check out our website for a list of what’s on.

We will continue to bring you the best range of jewellery, and crystals from around the world with new stock arriving all the time- check out all the new goodies we’ve put out in recent weeks!

We will be closed for the Australia Day public holiday on the 28th (but open on the Saturday, 26th.)  Our new bookstore will continue to stay open until 9pm weeknights with many of our weekly classes and groups returning mid January. Again, check out our website for a list of what’s on in terms of regular classes and groups.

We look forward to sharing another year with you all. May 2019 bring you health, happiness and much abundance.

With much love and gratitude… forever in your service,

Qi and the team xx

Amber Pendant
Leaf Inclusion within Amber Pendant
Abalone Shells for Smudging
Rose Quartz Heart
Sterling Silver Sugilite Pendants
Sterling Silver Sugilite Ring
Tiger Eye Stretch Bracelets
Sterling Silver Moldavite Earring & Necklace Set
Rose Quartz & Green Aventurine Facial Rollers
Sterling Silver Moldavite Earring & Necklace Set

January is the perfect time to play with intention as the collective energy focuses on releasing the old and welcoming in the new.

One hears the word intention everywhere yet there can be many myths and misconceptions as to what it’s really about. Often when we set an intention it’s coming from our ego’s wants and desires. We then feel disappointed or lesser when it doesn’t actualise. For intention to really serve you, it’s essential that you actually tune in to what your SPIRIT or HIGHER SELF intends for you… (read more) 

Dear Heart,

Welcome to the start of a New Year!

Let’s take a moment to fill ourself up with gold, with pure golden presence and radiance.

This is Life Force.

As we connect to this life force, let’s allow ourself to expand in every direction.  Getting bigger and bigger, more and more expansive…

Getting lighter and lighter.  More and more uplifted… (read more)

Today we are more and more driven by this idea of being “all that we can be”. Gone are the days when we can keep score of the game of life by figures on a bank account, trophies on the shelf, or plain good old status.

But what is this all-illusive ideal?

Simply it is the ideal of getting the most out of this life, to be all that you can become, and to live from your true essence. Let’s look at each of these.

Getting the most out of this life… (read more)

Ilya: Transpersonal Counselling, Energy Balancing & Reiki

Ilya has had a life long experience of health and wellbeing. He had been reconnected to his natural state of health after suffering a decade of severe back pain when he was in his 20s.

After exploring the ancient healing art of Reiki using the Usui method, Ilya participated in natural retreats and cleansed… (read more)

Natalie Jackson: Kinesiology & Reiki

Natalie is really passionate about creating health and balance in life. She brings a wealth of experience to her vibrant practice.

Being a busy mum, along with her background in banking & finance project management roles, enables an empathy to the pressures of corporate life, and achieving work-life balance.
(Read more)

Erica: Psychic Medium, Reiki, Life Coach, Mentor

Erica is a reputable and well-respected Psychic-Medium, Reiki Master, Life Coach and Registered Teacher. She has been providing healings and readings for the past ten years and has a reputation for providing evidential information with accuracy, honesty and integrity. She is committed to providing an authentic… (read more)

Akari: Mediumship

Akari delivers messages from loved ones in the spirit world to let you know that they continue to be part of your life.

Messages from the other side are delivered after identifying the spirit by some evidence.

She works with spirits in the hope the session brings some comfort and healing to you and your loved ones in spirit… (read more)

January 2019:

January 12: Start 2019 with Clear Intention with Rebecca

January 13: Short Workshop: Channelling Spirit Guides & Ascended Masters with Janette Watkins

January 20: Irish – Brighid & The Magic Rowan Tree with Janette Watkins

January 27: Short Workshop: Mediumship – Learn How To Do It with Janette Watkins

February 2019:

February 1: FREE TALK – Introduction to the ‘Your Soul Purpose’ Mastercourse with Josephine Celeste

February 2: Kwan Yin – Chinese Temple on a Lotus Pond with Janette Watkins

February 10: New Course Commences: Native American, The Sacred Circle with Janette Watkins

February 17: Mediumship Readings Day with Janette Watkins

February 24: Short Workshop: Crystal & Flower Devas with Janette Watkins

Janette Watkins runs weekly themed Mediumship Development Workshops every Sunday at Qi.

In January and February, she is offering 3 half day workshops for $50 each (usually $150)

January 12: Channelling Spirit Guides & Ascended Masters
January 27: Mediumship – Learn How To Do It
February 24: Crystal & Flower Devas

Click on the links to read more, and to book!

Thank you for reading!

Love & Light,