The Non-Linear Movement Method® Classes


Sunday, November 15


5:00PM – 6:00PM (AEST)


Sharon Sztar


$20 per person

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Release stress and trauma, enliven your body and enhance your capacity for pleasure, sensual sensation and sexual energy

NLMM is a powerful, yet gentle, somatic embodiment practice that will help you to get back into your own body and enable you to develop a greater intimacy with your inner world and bodily genius and wisdom.

This method has many deep, powerful applications and benefits, including:

  1. Smooths out the nervous system

The demands of modern life create stress and tension in the body and an overactive mind. The NLMM encourages an identifying and unwinding of the patterns of contraction and through gentle, non-force movements relieves the bodily tension and underlying mental loops. The result is a systematic, self-guided unburdening of the nervous system.

  1. Processes and identifies emotions

As the body unwinds and the mind relaxes its pressured pace the emotions associated with these patterns become apparent and are being let go of. You can note recurring emotional loops for further processing  and at the same time allow emotions to simply rise and release.

  1. Awakens sexual energy and sensual sensation

As tension, contraction and emotion are being released the body becomes sensitised and we are able to feel deeper. One of the marked results of this sensitisation is an ability to feel increased pleasure and well being. Participants report an increased ability to connect through their body, both with themselves and others.

  1. Releases trauma patterns into flow

One of the results of traumatic experience (fresh and old alike) is “freeze”, a state in which body, mind and emotions are stuck in a state of numbness. Often “freeze” is falsely perceived as a feeling of “calm/nothing”, which results in an inability to release the experience and ease the bodily patterns. The NLMM facilitates a continued movement, which gently opens the freeze pattern and allows for recognition and release of the underlying bodily and emotional patterns.

  1. Unites mind and body in intimacy with physical sensation

Through continued engagement with the release of contraction and facilitation of emotional awareness the ingrained patterns become apparent and less pronounced. Over time physical sensation can be engaged with and the acceptance and tolerance of all sensation increases. Intimacy with whatever is present is possible.

  1. Creates high bodily responsiveness

NLMM educates the body how to release and process contractions, stress and emotional tension.  The body becomes highly attuned to all sensations and can note, react or release fluidly and without having to attend to traumatic or suppressed backlog.

  1. Opens access to bodily wisdom

By putting emphasis on movement and circumventing the analytical mind and loops of tense thinking the natural intelligence of our bodies is accessed. Through gentle guidance the mechanisms of “freeze” and refusal to feel are being loosened and bodily wisdom can create the necessary actions and releases.

NLMM is facilitated on a mat or blanket. Participants dress similar to a Yoga or Dance Class, in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

NLMM is not a substitute for therapy or medical treatment. If you have a history of trauma, mental health issues or medical conditions, please consult your physician or mental health care practitioner to determine if somatic movement modalities are appropriate for you.

This method can be applied independent of fitness levels or age and adjusted to fit anyone’s individual needs. There is no requirement for experience with somatic modalities, dance or any other movement practice.

Facilitator – Sharon Sztar

Sharon is an ex-corporate executive turned woman’s wellbeing advocate, passionate about changing the narrative of what it means to be a well and vital woman across all seasons of life. As well as being a certified NLMM®  instructor, Sharon facilitates circles, immersions and retreats designed to connect women with their own bodily wisdom. She is also a writer and currently working on her first memoir.