Andrea with Oneness

  • Channelled Readings

  • Energetic Healing

  • John of God Crystal Light Bed

  • Meditation


Free 15 min Crystal Light Bed demonstration!

$35 / 15mins

$70 / 30mins

$130 / 60mins

$180 / 90mins

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After going through a spiritual awakening, Andrea is here to offer guidance and healing.

As part of the awakening process her third eye became very open. She can help you to access any wisdom that you need in your life. She can bring clarity to any questions that you may have, whether it be about relationships, direction, and so on.

She can also help you to remove any old energies that you have outgrown. This can include blocks from past lives and ancestral patterns. She can also bring in energetic frequencies that you need to move forward with ease and grace.

Andrea can help to bring clarity and healing to any area that you would like help with, whether it be relationships, finance, greater purpose, health issues, and so on.

She can help you achieve greater love, joy, peace and happiness in your life, and would be delighted to help you in your journey.

Channelled Readings

Andrea is available for shorter appointments if you have any questions you would like help with. You can book a time for just 15 mins, or take up to a full hour if there are several areas you would like some clarity on. Andrea doesn’t use cards and so on, she simply asks for guidance and is shown the necessary information.

John of God Crystal Light Bed

For longer appointments, Andrea also works with a John of God Crystal Light Bed from Brazil. The Crystal Bed is a spiritual treatment device from John of God that will help you to heal and come into balance.

It consists of seven pure quartz crystals that are positioned above each of your chakra points, or energy centres. These help to balance your subtle energetic body. The device allows you some time to simply relax, unwind, and open up. Whilst you are relaxing benevolent Beings of Light from the Casa de Dom Ignacio will begin working on you at a spiritual level.

Andrea chooses to work with these Beings and the Crystal Bed as she knows that they can help to facilitate even greater healing at a deep level. Please know that the Beings of Light only wish to help you.

What to Expect with the Crystal Light Bed

A session with Andrea will begin by simply sharing whatever brings you to see her.

Andrea will help to shed light on any emotional, spiritual, or physical concerns by bringing clarity, guidance, and healing.  You will then have an opportunity to spend some time with the Crystal Bed and work with its unique healing energies.  Whilst you are relaxing under the lights, Andrea can also bring in other Beings of Light or particular frequencies that can help you even further.

The combined effect of the Crystal Bed itself, and the insights and healing that Andrea is able to provide, makes for a uniquely transformative experience where profound changes can occur rapidly.

All sessions with Andrea will be suffused by the supportive and heart warming energy of Divine Love. For more information on Andrea please go to her website: