Andrea with Oneness

  • Channelled Readings

  • Energetic Healing

  • Crystal Light Bed

  • Meditation

Reading, Energetic Healing:

15 mins / $35

30 mins / $70

45 mins / $105

Reading, Energetic Healing with Crystal Healing Bed:

60 mins / $130

90 mins / $190

Andrea is available every Saturday

Bookings & Queries:

0411 954 391

Andrea is her Higher Self. She helps connect you to true heart alignments in every aspect of your life.

Andrea is able to access the inner wisdom of your heart, and the Divine guidance found there. She works with your Highest Self and the Archangels to remove what no longer serves you, and bring in frequencies that you need.

Andrea can connect you to true heart alignments in every aspect of your life, from relationships to your true path.

After going through a spiritual awakening for many years, Andrea is here to offer guidance and healing.

Andrea is what is called ‘Self Realized’ (Ramana Maharshi, Papaji and others were at this level of consciousness), she then moved beyond this to re-embody her ‘Higher Self’, and then on to become One in the heart with the Divine, or God.

During this process her filters dropped and her third eye became very open. She is able to access Divine wisdom and guidance to give you clarity in whatever area you need, whether this be relationships of all types from romance to friendships, to abundance, to your true path in life.

She is highly sensitive to various energies in your field, and is able to remove any dense energies that no longer serve you, including those from past lives or ancestral patterns. She has been granted power over all darkness. She can also bring in any beneficial frequencies needed so that you can move forward with ease and grace. She is also able to ‘lift you up’ into the field of Oneness.

Andrea always works with your guides, the Archangels, and the Divine itself.

Andrea uses a Crystal Healing Bed to further facilitate your healing. As a tool it helps amplify and accelerate your healing journey. It can be particularly beneficial for any physical ailments.

All the energies that Andrea works with come from Divine Love – only Love brings about deep healing and transformation.

What to Expect

A session with Andrea will begin by simply sharing whatever it is that brings you to see her. During her spiritual awakening her mind became very still, so she prefers that you have a particular topic. She will ask you to think about that topic, and as you are thinking about it she can then ‘tap in’ to it.

She does not use cards and so on, instead she feels and ‘reads’ your heart’s field and how your heart reacts – for it is through your heart that the Divine communes with us.

At times she may be shown past lives, or need to go to a topic that was not asked about, as that needs to be cleared first.

For Andrea, ‘reading’ and ‘healing’ tend to merge, for as soon as she is given information about a particular topic she is also often given information on how to shift it, or ‘lighten it up’.

She will also be given time frames where applicable. However please know that time lines will shift, particularly when deep healing occurs. As healing occurs and ancient patterns released, the angelic realms can start to bring you what it is that your heart desires above all else.

Andrea is available for shorter appointments if you have any questions you would like help with. You can book a time for just 15 mins, or schedule a longer time if there are several areas you would like some clarity on.

For longer appointments (60 – 90mins) Andrea will also use a Crystal Healing Bed. She was guided to use this tool as it helps to further your healing journey. In many ways it acts like an amplifier to Divine angelic realms and helps Andrea to both remove and bring in anything that you need. She finds that it helps people to deeply relax, and profound shifts can come about through it.

Whilst the Crystal Bed is on, Andrea remains in the room with you whilst you lie below 7 pure quartz crystals which light up in the colours of the chakras. The different coloured lights are designed to bring the chakras and energetic body back into balance.

She will also share with you some of what the angelic realms are bringing forward for you, and any further energetic work she is doing. However she will also endeavour to keep dialogue to a minimum so that you can really relax and allow yourself to be taken care of.

After spending time under the crystal light bed, many look visibly more relaxed and at peace.

Some feel very little, whilst others feel the energies very strongly. All of this depends on your sensitivity. Similarly, some may feel very tired for a few days after a session, whilst others not at all. It is advised to drink lots of water and take an epson salt bath if you are feeling fatigued. The fatigue is from old densities leaving every single cell of your body, and your field in general.

You are also more than welcome to get in touch with Andrea at any point if there are any questions or anything further you wish to discuss.

Please know that Andrea only works with Divine Love. She is here to help you align to your true heart’s desires, and to help bring in true heart alignments for you. As an instrument of the Divine she has helped people release entire karmic patterns, and has helped those who have seen many other healers to no avail. She would be honoured to help you in any way she can.

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