Practitioner Profile: Erica Aimino

Erica Aimino

Spirit Within

  • Psychic / Medium

  • Reiki Master

  • Life Coach

  • Mediumship Mentor

  • Spiritual Development Teacher

One-on-One Psychic/Mediumship Reading:

30 minutes / $70

1 hour / $120

Online Psychic/Mediumship Reading:

30 minutes / $60

1 hour / $110

Ascension Reiki Healing:

30 minutes / $60

1 hour / $90

Life Coaching Session: 


Mediumship Private Mentoring: 



0417 815 382

Face to Face Psychic / Mediumship Readings

Face to face readings provides the optimal environment for clients seeking spiritual guidance. It provides clients with the opportunity to connect on a much deeper personal level. I am able to pick up on the energetic vibration of the client and loved ones who have crossed over to spirit.


I am now offering global Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or Phone readings for clients who may be time poor or cannot attend a personal face-to-face reading. The online reading or phone reading will be conducted in the same way as personal face-to-face readings. Online and phone consultations are pre-paid using PayPal.


Receive a One Hour Psychic / Mediumship Readings Plus a 20 minute Mini Reiki Healing to realign your chakras.

Ascension Reiki Healing

Ascension Reiki healing helps by channelling healing life force energy to flow through you and helps to clear affected energy centres by charging them with positive energy. Reiki helps to clear and heal the energy pathways, allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way once more.

Mediumship Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring is designed to support and guide you in the “Unfoldment of your Mediumship”. Each session will be one hour and a half, twice a month, for 3 months with the option to continue. Either face to face or online.

Intuitive Life Coaching Session

An intuitive life coach supports you in confronting issues that have been holding you back and preventing you from creating a more fulfilling life. Learn to implement effective strategies, identify areas of change and reach your potential in a supportive environment. If you select the face to face option, payment needs to be made prior to the session, with face to face sessions payment is accepted on the day.