Fiona Goldsmith

 Fiona Goldsmith

Flexxd Pty Ltd

  • Flexxd™ Resistance yoga
  • Yoga
  • Qi Gung
  • Energy Healing
  • Mini healings for pain management

Class Times:

Monday: 10:30AM – 11:30AM

Wednesday: 10:30AM – 11:30AM

Thursday: 11:00AM – 12:00PM


Flexxd One-on-One Sessions

30 minutes / $75 ($600 for 10 sessions)


15 minutes / $10


Fiona Goldsmith has taught over 20 years of human movement, learned through yoga teaching, and modified it to include resistance in every stretch. She calls her sessions Flexxd.

Flexxd offers the simple modification of resistance to create a simple but potentially intense workout, equally accessible to chair-based clients, as clients on the yoga mat looking for an improved fitness, flexibility and strength as well as the mindful qualities of yoga.

This program working through 16 muscle groups of the body which prove to correspond to TCM meridians and have physical, mental and emotional balancing effects on the body.

Traditional stretching methods including yoga do not use resistance while stretching and results the build-up of more dense fascia and scar tissue. Fascia depth is increased by repetitive movements or trauma. These results are impairment of circulation, reduced lymphatic flow, restricted movement and often pain.

Fiona has been inspired by Bob Cooley and his Genius of Flexibility program. Bob’s research and ongoing work with resistance stretching and the fascia began 34 years ago while attempting to rehabilitate himself from a tragic pedestrian accident that left him his health compromised and excessively stiff and inflexible. He discovered the necessity to contract and resist while stretching which produces immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility and strength. Flexxd is the combination of more than 20 years of working with movement. It’s the best of yoga. It’s stretching with resistance and gaining flexibility safely while building strength on a level I have never seen before. It’s mindfulness in action. It’s breathing with awareness. It’s simple. It’s accessible to average bodies. It’s therapeutic, and it’s also a powerful workout.

Client Testimonials: 

Fiona is a brilliant, caring and passionate body educator. After several physio appointments, I entered my first Flexxd session with spasm and pain, and came home with none. Highly recommended.

Eva Migdal, Physio therapist.


Fiona Goldsmith, is now offering a new modality called “Flexxd” which combines her 25 yrs of teaching yoga with qi going and resistance stretching. It looks wonderful and I wish she was in QLD so I could try it! Fiona is a beautiful person with a magnetic and powerful energy, and really cares re your overall health and well being and looks at your issues in a holistic way! If you’re in Melbourne and have any injuries, body pain, or just want more relaxation, strength and flexibility I definitely recommend her!

Linda Blatt


My friend Fiona Goldsmith has launched a program which is simple and yet has a profound and immediate impact on people who deal with stress and anxiety. I have known Fiona for many years. I am often in awe of how deeply knowledgeable she is, and how skilled.

As a yoga teacher myself for many years, I believe that Fiona is one of the best in our field and I referred many patients to her classes throughout the years. They always returned raving about her teachings. It has always been a “win/win.”

Go, have a session/class, and make up your own mind. It’s sooooo smart, I feel like I had a yoga and gym work altogether. Your facilitation is perfect and your knowledge and eloquence left me in awe.

Dr Oliver Rivers


11 months working with Fiona and Flexxd and I feel like a totally new person inside and out. The sense of calm I have achieved for the first time in my life during a challenging point in time is amazing. I attribute this to the flexxd Resistance Yoga and Fiona. A new advantage to these classes will be especially interesting for insomniacs. I am sleeping like a baby. Relaxed, happy and grateful!   

Pnina Horn


Fiona is just amazing! No one out there has her unique skill set with an ability to work out just which method may help ease off pain in just one or two of her sessions. She has done this for me personally, so I know her method works!

Susie Kliman


I have tested gyms, exercise galore and did not last but Fiona addresses more than just yoga or exercising. Resistance Yoga is an incredible way to get dormant mussels to rejuvenate and enable to utilise your body. Thank you Fiona for your dedication to help others who where told to learn to live with their injuries.

Marta Nagy


I LOVE Fiona’s Flexxd Resistance Yoga Method of Health and Fitness…she is the best Instructor in Town!

Henry Greener


Luv Flexxd Resistance Yoga & of course Fiona!!! she is so up to date with her knowledge & teachings…The Classes are low impact and yet you feel that you have done a really good work out.. The resistance stretching has made me feel much stronger and far more aware of how my body feels.. If you haven’t tried ‘Flexxd’ please do so; you will walk out feeling exhilarated…

Celina Peleg


Montague School, South Melbourne primarily supports teenage students who have disengaged from learning for extended periods. Most have experienced trauma and consequently, live with higher than usual levels of anxiety. Fiona instructed a series of six Flexxed Yoga sessions over as many weeks at Montague School and immediately developed a rapport with them all. To be able to connect readily with our students is something that rarely happens, however Fiona’s quiet, supportive approach gave them the confidence to engage and relax into the process. She demonstrated each of the postures / moves and quietly explaining how and why the moves were of benefit, offering reassurance to “give it a go”. It was clear that Flexxdwas a hit as feedback after the first session was “when is the next session, we loved it?”

When asked a few weeks later their thoughts on Flexxed Yoga, these were some of the student’s comments:

“I just really enjoyed chilling”

“Very relaxing and helps with my sport the next day”

“Great stretching and I do things I wouldn’t do at home”

“Takes time your mind off things”

“Helps me forget things”

I cannot recommend Fiona’s skill, knowledge and delivery of Flexxed Yoga, highly enough – and not only for the students, as all the teachers joined in too and loved every minute of it. We are now digging through our school budget so we can continue to offer Flexxed Yoga to our school community. Thank you so much Fiona.

Mandy Muschamp

December 2018

I feel so relaxed and calm for the week – between sessions. Thank you Fiona

Ruth Krawat


I only wish everyone could know about your classes and experience flexxd. You have changed my life Fiona with incredible results with my Adhesive Capulitis and I know my body will age with strength and agility without a strenuous class. I still get the spring in my step and I know it’s a full body workout without the pain and left feeling so relaxed and invigorated. Thank you so much!

Ilana Black


Fiona has a deep understanding of the human body. All her exercises are beneficial towards a greater flexibility. She is very attuned to her students and always finds an exercise to relieve an ailment.. Her new space in Glenhuntly rd is wonderful. I highly recommend her classes.

Solange Rapaport


For those who don’t know about Flexxd it is a low impact class that combines yoga and resistance stretching. You get out of it what you put in, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results you get after 3-4 sessions. Sleep better, feel taller, etc and have a mood shift that just happens that one day realise “far out, I’m feeling strong!”

I can’t rave highly enough how Fiona Goldsmith helped me though some dark times last year, as the Flexx classes help mind just as much as body. Fiona helped fix a knee issues that my then doctor wanted me to have steroid injections for the rest of my life. And I have never had back issues since doing her classes.

Mark Wherman


I’ve been going to this class for many years. Fiona keeps very contemporary and up to date and this class is no exception. Excellent stretches and I am able to participate at my own level! Love the meditation at the end too!!

Maurice Wulfsohn


Fiona’s gentle approach put life back into the old bones of an 84 year old. Her ability to impart the knowledge she has gathered over time was a revelation.

Alan Hopgood AM


Fiona’s gentle approach put life back into the old bones of an 84 year old. Her ability to impart the knowledge she has gathered over time was a revelation.

Alan Hopgood AM