Heidi Williams

Heidi Williams

Transform Healing Space

  • Core & Cellular Transformational Healing

    (Celtic Spiritual Healing)

  • Purna Yoga


One-on-One Healing:

90 minutes / $140*

Group Healing Gatherings (click for more information)


0409 224 048


Following the onset of a chronic illness Heidi experienced an intense feeling of purpose and a deep, passionate calling to facilitate healing in others. This strong inner knowing combined with seership and mediumship abilities led Heidi on her spiritual path. She immersed herself in the practice of yoga and meditation and developed her psychic and mediumship abilities.

In 2010 Heidi’s healing work found her and she went through a profound purification process and training at a cellular and core genetic level clearing years of old emotional trauma, fatigue, illness and conditioning. It has opened up a deeper connection for Heidi with a higher universal intelligence or ‘Great Spirit’ and a high transmission of sacred, healing energy started to pump through her deepening her healing abilities.

Heidi has trained for 8 years in this ancient and powerful form of pre-celtic healing under the guidance of her teacher and mentor Ger Lyons, a renowned celtic spiritual healer and teacher, metaphysicist and mystic from Ireland (www.gerlyons.net).

Heidi facilitates this ancient form of healing from the pre-celtic spiritual tradition. Join her on a journey to release what no longer serves you. Illuminate and release old trauma, programming, patterns, disease and stagnant, dead energy and breathe in new life!

Deepen and awaken to the true, divine and best possible version of yourself! Come join us and reawaken your true nature!

*10% student, pensioner and HCC discount on all healing and yoga sessions (not applicable to passes or discounts)

What is Core & Cellular Transformational Healing?

This ancient, powerful form of pre-celtic healing from Ireland is an energetic, telepathic process. It clears, purifies and regenerates the core cellular and soul memory where trauma, disease and programming is stored at it’s origins.

Through music, a high, sacred healing transmission, invocation; and active, living, mystic prayer; we can permanently release old, stagnant, dead energy; illness and disease; emotional trauma; depression and anxiety; ancestral and past life trauma; blockages; negative beliefs and mindsets, patterning and programming that does not serve us anymore. As we release that which is not our true self and breathe in new life our lives are changed, we are lighter, more fulfilled, we connect directly to source and we open up our own unique gifts and the limitless potential of our true expression.

Purna Yoga

Heidi also offers a dynamic weekly yoga class for all levels of yoga. Her holistic Purna Yoga classes combine both classical alignment focused hatha yoga with flowing vinyasa sequences incorporating the physical postures with philosophy, short breathing exercises and mediation. Come build strength and stamina and purify, revitalise and balance mind and body bringing optimal health and a more peaceful, focused state of mind!

(click here for more details on Heidi’s Purna Yoga Class) 


I have participated in a number of Heidi‘s Transformational Healings and am always astounded at what comes up for me during the session.  Heidi is amazing at what she does.  You won’t be disappointed.

Helen F