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Jamie Close

Grand Solutions

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Conscious Bodywork & Intuitive Massage

  • Body Transformation & Weightloss

  • Energy Healing (Certified)

  • Reiki Master

(see more of Jamie’s qualifications below)

Spiritual Healing:

2 Hour / Deep Release / $370

1 Hour / Chakra & Auric Cleanse / $220

45 Min / Recharge / $110


Conscious Bodywork:

2 Hour / Sacred Body Bliss / $289

1.5hr / Full Body Alignment / $199

1 Hour / Relax & Recharge / $149


Dynamic Meditation Classes:

Duration: 2 hours

Investment; $30 CasualPackages: 1 time payment upfront

5 Classes / $120

10 Classes / $220

Unlimited Classes in 2018: $999


Bookings: 0473 584 906


Jamie Close is Australia’s leading Spiritual Healer and Transformational Coach. Jamie seeks to develop new paradigms of thinking. Jamie believes we are all here to fulfil our divine life purpose, to follow our passions and live our highest excitements. Jamie is passionate about inspiring and supporting people from around the world to awaken to the truth of who they really are and to lead a deeper more fulfilling life.

“My life purpose is to hold a safe, sacred space for people to transform their lives by helping them to remember the truth of who they really are and to help them to let go of all the energetic and emotional residue that is frozen in the cells of their body from past experiences. To disconnect and dissolve any trauma and energetic overflow from their oversoul/past lives and family constellation. To support them in fully activating their Soul’s Consciousness into their body, focusing their physical conscious mind and live their Soul’s purpose, by co-creating a crystal clear vision for their life, and a road map with personalised routines and rituals.”

Jamie is passionate about educating people on how vital optimal health is. “Our physical body is the sacred temple, the vibrational manifestational vehicle for our Soul in this life”. Jamie believes that a truly Wholistic approach combining plant based whole foods and an effective nutritional cleansing component with transformational healing, emotional release, grounding, mindfulness practises and conscious coaching is the key to evolution. “We hold the majority of our suppressed emotions between our stomach and base of our spine which negatively impacts our gut health, our 1st Brain, and our gut/brain connection.

When you combine this with the toxic environment (air, water and food) that we live in and the chemicals we absorb everyday it is vital that we address our gut health and cleanse our bodies at the same time of looking deeper into our lives. “The combination of suppressed emotions and stagnant energy with the environmental toxins create symptoms of sickness and dis-ease in our physical body, which can lead to disharmony in any area of our Lives.

Jamie is passionate about working with clients on releasing the suppressed emotions and reprogramming their limiting beliefs, creating personal routines, rituals and wholistic roadmaps for success, through his wholistic health systems such as:

  • The 5 Elements
  • The 10 Pillars of Health
  • Law of Attraction – How to Manifest Your Destiny

Jamie is also Passionate about Inspiring others to Transform their life through his:

  • Private and group Spiritual healing sessions
  • Weekly dynamic meditation classes where he channels his soul activation meditations for self healing and manifestation
  • Wholistic group transformational program: Design Your Perfect Body “Live and online”
  • Weekly live men’s transformational program: Reveal Your Inner God
  • Raw food demonstrations
  • Transformational retreats

Through his own amazing life transformation Jamie now helps others to transform their lives with all of the tools and techniques that he used along his path of transformation, and techniques that he has developed over the 23 years of helping people from around the world.

If any of the above has resonated with you, contact Jamie today

Continuation of Jamie’s Modalities & Qualifications: 

  • Seichim Master
  • Karuna Reiki Master
  • Sekham Seichim Master
  • Lightarian Reiki Master
  • CBA – Complete Body Alignment Certified
  • Breathwork (re-birthings): Certified
  • Buddha Boost
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): Certified 
  • Chakra Healing
  • Conscious Coaching
  • Crystal Healing
  • Implant Removal
  • Body Psychotherapy
  • Angel tarot card readings
  • Bio-Energetic Grounding techniques
  • Deep Healing Meditations and Visualisations
  • Personal Fitness Training: Certified
  • Bodywork/Massage therapy: Certified
  • Soul Gazing/ Third eye gazing: access past lives and oversoul
  • Transformational Retreats and Online Coaching Programs
  • White Crane Martial Arts – Southern Chinese style gong fu: Certified 7th Dan Black Belt

Spiritual Healing 

In all of the spiritual healing sessions I call upon GOD, pure Source energy which is LOVE, and the Christ Consciousness in a purely Spiritual sense to bless us with their Divine Presence, to create the space for all that is to purify and cleanse all that is not from the light. I also call upon the tribal elders of the land, the custodians for their blessing and divine presence. Even though I have been attuned to Master level in multiple forms of energy healing modalities I “Do Not” do these modalities as this Limits the Divine.

The difference between the 3 types of sessions besides the length of time is the Depth of the release of the suppressed emotions and frozen like energy which co-creates dis-ease, disfunction and pain in your life.

The “Deep Release” is for someone who is already aware of, and ready to let go of, deep suppressed emotions which are causing them to not manifest their desires. Preferably someone who has already done some healing and is familiar with the process.

I open your chakras and clear the stagnant energy guiding you with a channelled visualisation as I channel GOD & Christ consciousness as I guide you to breath deeply to connect with the deepest area in your subconscious. The mouth breathing technique here is Key to accessing the suppressed emotions

This is a very Powerful session and definitely not for someone who is starting their spiritual journey.

“Chakra & Auric Cleanse” is where I open your chakras and clear the stagnant energy guiding you with a channelled visualisation as I channel GOD & Christ consciousness as I guide you to breath slowly and deeply in through your nose and out of your mouth which enables you to gentle connect with the core of your being.

  • This is a gentle, yet powerful approach to “Letting Go” of what no longer serves you
  • Great session for the beginner and for someone with more years under their belt of healing to give them a much needed clearing and release.

The “Recharge” session is a quick powerful session designed to channel a high potent energy in, through and around your whole being which will leave you feeling energised, peaceful, lighter, happier, more grounded and ready to have an amazing day. The benefits from this short session can last for weeks.


Conscious Bodywork

Sacred Body Bliss – 2hrs

Is a full body intuitive massage where I begin with a healing session around 20 minutes in length depending on you and what you require on the day. This open’s and align’s your whole being by clearing the stagnant energy from your physical body and auric filed. This way your entire body deeply relaxes and the areas where you perceive to hold tension will dissolve and let go with more ease.

Everyone will greatly benefit from receiving this treatment. If you have a history of muscular or spinal pain then monthly sessions are advised.

I also can suggest movements, exercises, meditations and visualisations to aid in your full recovery

Full Body Alignment – 1.5hrs

In this session we focus on what is causing the specific areas of pain and discomfort.

Generally speaking from past clients, this is not a full body massage like the 2hr Sacred Body Bliss. I can massage your whole body in 1.5 hrs though I prefer to focus on whats causing you pain and heal that. This way you walk out floating not feeling anywhere near as much pain and discomfort and you continue to feel less to no pain for weeks.

Relax and Recharge – 1hr

This session is designed to be more of a weekly relax, restorative massage where you feel recharged.

We can still focus on areas of pain and discomfort and you will feel amazing after the session. Though if you are suffering chronic pain please book for a longer session to give me the time to truly address whats going on wholistically within you.


Dynamic Meditation Classes 

Duration: 2.5 hours

For over 2 decades teaching meditation people always say to me Jamie I can’t seem to quieten my mind to meditate. The reason for this is that most people are dehydrated which dramatically reduces the flow of energy/consciousness through our body, we hold onto stored emotions in our physically body and we are largely ungrounded from mother Earth which upwardly displaces our energy/consciousness in our heads/brain so our minds are “Over-Active”

Therefore in my weekly dynamic meditation class I combine a series of Bio-Energetic movements, with various breathing patterns in a fun and interactive group class where organic self-expression of suppressed feelings is supported in a sacred safe environment. We stream our consciousness at the end of the first segment before moving into the Channelled Meditation for Self-Healing & Manifestation.

Clients love this class as they leave feeling:

#energised #relaxed #happy #calm #excited #mentally clear #sleep deeper #attract more of what they desire

And they feel this way for the entire week. This class is designed to get you into your body and feel grounded and empowered.


Personal Training 

With over 20 years experience as a master personal trainer I take the wholistic approach to health and fitness.

The reason why my clients achieve faster results is through my wholistic approach to wellness which is based by science, common sense and love

My focus in sessions is to deliver a intense training to meet you where your current fitness levels is at, with a focus on core stability, posture, functional movement patterns, boxing, martial arts/self defence, the majority bodyweight exercises with the use of some extra resistance

80% of Results are achieved by in order of importance: Gut Health, Nutritional Cleansing, removal of inflammatory foods, beverages and releasing suppressed emotions. Which by the way are mainly stored in your lower digestive system.

Wholistic Health Packages – POA (price on application)

  • Are a combination of all the above services and the ones listed below in the Full Day In-Home Make Over’s/Transformations section
  • Areas of focus are: Anti Ageing, Gut Health, Disease Prevention, Energy and Performance, Body Transformation and Weight Loss, Nutritional Cleansing & Cellular Detox programs
  • All programs are personally tailored to meet the exact requirements of the individual
  • 4 Month minimum Commitment

Full Day In-Home Make Over’s/Transformations – PAO

Incorporates all of the above in a personalised service

Firstly we start with the discovery call is where I will gain a deeper insight into you and what is causing the current symptoms you have manifested in your physical body temple, relationships and into your current life experience. If we feel there is an Alignment between us and that we are the right match to work together, I will then share with you an overview of what I feel are the series of next steps for you on your Journey Back to Love!

Once you have transferred the initial investment. I will email you the link and password to the online questionnaire which will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. When filling this out please make sure you are in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed. This way the truest response will flow through you. Once I receive your answers I will thoroughly read over them and tailor your program exactly to your needs.

After completion of the questionnaire we will have a conscious coaching call of approximately 90 minutes, where I will feel into your entire being, your energy, soul, and language patterns and intuit questions based on your answers. This is where I will gain a deeper clear insight into you and what is causing the current symptoms you are experiencing, other than what you have already shared with me.

I will then create a mind map of your ascension model and we will have a complimentary call about what I have designed and from there we will map out your full day in-home make over and transformation.

Follow up sessions are highly recommended to help you implement these changes into a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family

Your full day in-home make over and transformation will include:

  • Wholistic Health Questionnaire
  • Personal Training session
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Conscious Bodywork
  • Nutritional Cleansing Program
  • Food Preparation & Recipes
  • House Clearance (of negative energies and entities)
  • Removal of all toxic products (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry)
  • Organic Shopping experience
  • Personal Training

Monthly tailored packages available

Group Sessions available


I have recently had the pleasure of connecting with Jamie and I am very grateful I have. After our initial conscious coaching session followed by the two energy healing sessions I have had:
– I feel much more at peace with my emotions
– I have a lot more clarity in thought
– I feel more confident in my ability to achieve my goals, and
– I have also noticed a visible change in my appearance and body after releasing a lot of emotional baggage I have held onto from past hurts and experiences.

And this is only after a few sessions with Jamie!!

Thank you Jamie,

Tina O