Janette Watkins

Janette Watkins 

Spirit Careers

Janette Watkins

Courses & Workshops in:

  • Mediumship
  • Past Lives
  • Spirit Art
  • Crystals 
  • Shamanic Rituals
  • Animal Communication
  • Healing

Weekly Workshops:


9:45AM – 5:00PM

Contact & Bookings:  

0421 000 705


Courses and Workshops

Janette has trained people to become professional Mediums, Spirit artists, Platform mediums, Writers, Spiritual healers/counsellors, Workshop facilitators and a wide range of Spirit Careers for 20 years.

She teaches Mediumship by International Standards and her courses always build confidence and bring out the very best in each group member.  Her courses and workshops offer a safe and enjoyable space, always free from judgement and competitiveness. Everyone receives equal time and encouragement.
Workshops are run every Sunday.

You can join a group and attend once a month for a course (1 year) or come to a workshop that you are drawn to once you have spoken with Janette.

We work only with positive energies and Circle Guides in Spirit. Janette’s experience as a Hypnotherapist assists those who wish to work with Trance Channelling & Mediumship to operate in a safe space.  We have fun but we work hard.  Lots of reading practice.

As well as being a Medium, Platform medium, Spiritual Healer, Hypnotherapist and Facilitator Janette also has 25 years as a Management Consultant, Career and Business Counsellor to corporates and small businesses. She has been a Specialist in Advertising, Marketing and Media, and is an experienced Trainer for companies in areas such as communication, conflict resolution, self-awareness, presentation skills and corporate retreats. Her Career/Business background is helpful to those wishing to develop/market Spirit Careers or businesses.

One of Janette’s special gifts is to help others to recognise their own abilities, qualities, individual styles and gifts, and help participants to develop, integrate and put them out confidently.  She has an ability to be able to see where people need to be and help them get there.  She will bring out the very best in people. Janette holds weekly themed workshops.

Workshops are run in themed days from old spiritual civilisations, click here to see a list of upcoming workshops.


Private Sessions  (All Sessions are $120 ph)


  • Private Spiritual Development Session (beginners & advanced in anything you wish to learn.
  • E.g. connect with spirit guides, automatic writing, readings, trance channeling, aura drawings &
  • readings, shamanic work etc)
  • Mediumship Readings & chat sessions
  • Pastlife Regression and readings
  • Aura Drawings & Readings (life journey, health, spirit guides, loved ones passed, pastlife)
  • Crystal Ball readings



  • Hypnotherapy/Life Journey (clear past traumas & add positive belief systems to move forward)
  • Reiki Healing  (Janette is a Reiki master)
  • Shamanic Healing (extensive experience in teaching and practitioner)
  • Crystal Pendulum Chakra Balance & Healing with messages from Spirit,
  • Spiritual Counselling



  • Guidance (through Janette’s corporate experience and also spirit guidance)



  • Mentoring, Marketing & Advertising Guidance (including guidance with business names, set up,
  • Product/Service offerings, rejuvenation of business, business transition, managing problems.)