Josephine Celeste

Josephine Celeste

Josephine Celeste Healing

  • Twin Flame Soul Doctor

  • Psychic Readings

  • Channelling

  • Past-Life Therapy

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Liquid Crystals



30 minutes / $90

45 minutes /  $125

One hour / $160

one & half hour / $250

Two Hours / $ 320

For a Twin Flame Couples:

One Hour / $250

One & Half Hour / $340

Two Hours – $500

*Skype Readings available on request. 


PH: 0410 190 593

Hi, I am Josephine Celeste born gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits on the other side. I could see, hear, and feel them also the realms they were in.  I lived between the physical and spiritual worlds all my childhood. My healing and psychic gifts were slowly shown to me at different stages of my life. As a child, I knew I was different and over time I understood that I was psychic, even though this did not make my life any easier!

In my late 20s I was privileged to work with an Enlightened Master in Melbourne, who refined my talents and taught me many other spiritual modalities over a 5-year period. Through this learning, I discovered that Healing was one of my more prominent gifts. This was evident through the many positive results I was having with a variety of cases and also as I was psychic, I was fortunate enough to receive and understand directions via my spiritual guides.

Having realized that I was being taught the foundations for my life purpose, I opened up the Himalaya Centre in Diamond Creek, Melbourne, where I conducted readings, taught meditation and self-development workshops and seminars.

I have now worked in the field for 29 years.  I have studied kinesiology, TFH and Reiki.

Over the years I have successfully attended to many hundreds of patients and to their healing needs with positive and lasting results. I have often been successful where in most cases the clients had no more answers and had tried every conventional avenue available to them. Basically I was their last resort, in a way.

I do wish to stress however that I am not a medical doctor and that my services should not be used in replacement of medical treatment where necessary. As I am a holistic healer, I work to heal and balance body, mind and spirit and consequently the results are deep and life changing.

I invite you to try a session with me for yourself as it usually is a surprising and positive experience for most of my clients and can help turn your life around for the better!

Love & Light

Josephine Celeste

Psychic Readings

In the readings I tune in and connect to your guides, working together I gain insight to you to assist you in areas of your life you where you need clarity or guidance, in finance, relationships, health, decision making, career, spiritual, life purpose.

Past Life Therapy  

It’s our past lives experience that creates our life today.  Going back and gaining an insight through your Akashic Records gives you an understanding of who you were and what has happened, how you are all connected to each other and why, in past lives.  I have found that many clients get valuable answers which changed their life and perspective on how they feel about situations or people in their life.  By having this understanding it allows you to accept and be free and move on.

Vibratory Shamanic Healing 

Can help when there is a block, issue, patterns on any level, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and working with unconditional love and connecting to the vibration of Spiritual Light is able to release. Also retrieving parts of you from experiences, whether in this life, or past lives.

As we are now transitioning into the Age of Aquarius, with this new era we are all faced with some new challenges. my main objective is to reach out to assist through this transition and heal as many people as possible to help get them in a better place, by being more balanced, whole and healthy. I feel that this is my life’s purpose.

Liquid Crystals

Liquid crystals & healing consultation. Balancing body, mind & spirit! The consultation is tailored to your specific needs. Choosing the liquid crystal which contains earths minerals, crystals & sacred geometry, as well as channeling information and guidance for your healing.

Twin Flame Readings

  • Having problems in or getting a relationship?
  • Problem solving for Twin Flames!
  • Are you looking to understand what is happening in your journey?
  • Looking for guidance, clarity, confirmation, clearing  and healing Karmic triggering, blocks, patterns  or feeling as though you are at a crossroads?
  • Or any issue you may have?

As I connect to you and the spiritual worlds, Spirit will bring through what you need.

Mentoring For Twin Flames

  • Are you looking for a mentor who can guide your soul onto your path, who will empower you, activate you.
  • Channeling spiritual knowledge and teachings from the Universal Akashic Records.
  • Raising your frequencies, resolving karmic ties that could be preventing you from uniting with your Twin Soul?
  • Channeling through what it is you specifically need from the guides, angels & masters.

Clearing Negative Energy Attachments

  • If you feel your energies being depleted?
  • Continually have negative thoughts?
  • Changed behaviour?
  • Things are continually not working out for you or going wrong, feeling heavier than usual?
  • Still thinking of past relationships?

In this clearing you will be able to feel yourself again, as you regain your energies, being able to get on with your life, as so many others have when they have had their energies cleared.

As each clearing can have various types of attachments, it is best we have a chat prior to commencing any work.

Pricing is subject to the work needed to do on the clearing.


“My journey with Josephine began at a time when I was being very challenged in many areas of my life. I felt stressed, fatigued and disillusioned.After a meltdown one evening I made the decision to make peace with my circumstances, take the learning from the situation, move through the emotional pain and come out wiser and empowered.I decided to see Josie because I had heard about her professionalism, dedication to healing and the support she provides to her clients.

I began the shamanic healing sessions with her with 100 percent commitment and an unquenchable thirst for healing, change and inspiration. I knew I was ready. Josie has a gift of tunning into her client’s on an unconscious level and share that information in a non-judgemental, gentle way.She then works her magic using any number of the sacred shaman tools.

With each passing session, I noticed healing, shifts and changes occurring. I began feeling stronger, empowered, more accepting of my circumstances, more confident and with a deeper understanding of my limiting patterns, I was able to accept and let go of old patterns, heal scars and past emotional wounds.

Now I am more peaceful, centered and empowered to create all my desires with ease.

Thank you Josephine for your part in my growth & evolution, it has been pivotal. Thank you for your care, support and total dedication. I am a passionate coach and now I am empowered, inspired and very well equipped to assist my clients on their journey.”

Natasha M