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  • Oriental Tea Leaf Card Readings
  • Mentoring & Psychic Development
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15 mins / $35 

30 mins / $70

45 mins / $105

60 mins / $140

90 mins / $210

Classes with Kaliopi:

3 classes:

Basic Entry Level / $340

Intense Advanced Level / $680

1 class:

Basic Entry Level / $115

Intense Advanced Level / $230

Crystal Gridding & Manifestation:

$75 – $110

Kaliopi’s Dispensary:



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There are so many people in this world who are creative. Creativity comes to us in many forms; singing, painting, drawing, sketching, dancing & music… this list is endless. I have the gift of sight.

My psychic ability dates as far back as the age of 2; which as I recall it, was quite intense. It was a very difficult time, as I did not quite understand what was happening to me.

I heard things; I saw things, and had the ability to talk with people who had passed over. It started with premonitions and then increased over time. Some of the things I had seen and heard can be quite frightening and disturbing to a little girl who did not understand what was happening.

As time went on, I started developing my skills. It took me quite some time to adapt and nurture my gift to allow it to grow.

I’ve been a professional Oriental Tea Leaf, Lenormand & Chakra Card Reader for many years now; using my insight to guide others on their own unique journeys. However, I did not expect my life journey to be so fraught with unexpected challenges. I began my voyage of discovery as a young person, following the path as it was opening up to me. Along the way, I embraced my experiences one step at a time.

With 30+ years behind me, my readings are experiences of discovery and growth for those seeking counsel.

My readings will answer your questions helping you to sense the path before you. I look forward to being able to share my gift with you, and to also provide you with the invaluable insight you need to pave your way to a brighter future.

Light & Love,

Kaliopi x


Oriental Tea Leaf Oracle Card Readings:

I often get asked to explain my Tea Leaf Oracle Card Readings. People often mistake the readings I do as Tea Leaf Cup Readings. The cards I use are quite a unique, ‘to-the-point’ Tea Leaf Oracle. I use these cards as a tool only.

Once you have shuffled all the cards to maximise the feel of your reading, I will channel into your energy and commence your reading. This Oracle is based on Tea Leaf Cup Readings; I choose to use these cards and not actual tea leaves because with a cup of tea, you usually only get two or three images in one sitting, which would only end up giving you minimal information.

By consulting the Oracle, you get every possible conceivable image and therefore you get a precise, and highly detailed reading.

These readings are channeled as I work with your energy after you shuffle and choose the cards you require me to read for you. In actual fact, these cards work in such a way where you are compelled to choose certain cards; this is actually your soul choosing the messages you need to receive during your session.

Mentoring & Psychic Development:

Would you like to learn Coffee Cup Readings, Automatic Writing, Gridding & Manifestation as well as Energy Work?

I offer classes covering the following modules:

  • ONE: Coffee Cup Readings
    • Coffee Cup Readings are one of the oldest tools and traditions used to read fortunes. We will all be making traditional Turkish Coffee, and l will instruct you all on how to prepare your cups for the readings. I will show you key aspects of what to look for and then we will all read for each other.
  • TWO: Automatic Writing, and Healing with Colour, Symbolism & Channeling.
    • I will guide you all through what I call a conscious meditation where we can access classified information beyond the confines of our minds. I will ask a series of questions and you will be amazed at what comes out from you, through your pen, written on paper! We will all share each others answers, and learn a lot more about ourselves in the process. Concluding that, we will work with the physical and emotional body to clear blockages with colour and symbols through channeling.
  • THREE: Gridding, Energy Work & Manifestation
    • We can use grids to manifest an abundance of things throughout our lives. Matters of the heart, happiness, health and wealth. The possibilities are endless. We will use crystals, feathers, flowers and anything your mind can muster to incorporate well wishes and desires into our lives. This module is where you will use your own unique flair and bring in some of your favourite things to incorporate into your own grids. Ask the universe and use its energy to work its magic for you.

Join me for some hands on fun in 2 hour weekly classes of your choosing; either on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. These can be booked as one-on-one sessions, or in a group environment. You can commit to all three modules at Basic Level Entry; three weeks of classes for $340, or book one class of your choosing for $115. Alternatively, you can commit to three modules at Advanced Level Entry; three weeks of classes for $680, or book one class of your choosing for $230.

I will provide all the materials needed for each class and this will be all inclusive of the price. All I need from you is your attendance and commitment.

No boring theory will be incorporated into this class just fun hands on interaction.

Crystal Gridding & Programming

I now offer Crystal Programming for all your needs! Purchase your own unique crystals from the store OR bring your own.

State your intentions, pick your grid and I will program your crystals and have them gridded for your specific purpose and intentions.

This service must be booked in advance, as it can take up to a week for the crystals to be gridded, fully programmed and ready for action! This service is $75.00 and includes cleansing, purifying, gridding and programming to your specific needs. (Add 15-Minute Consultation for personalisation – $35.00 ~ TOTAL $110.00 all inclusive)

After your crystals are gridded, I will send you a photo of your crystals and grids.

Kaliopi’s Dispensary: Apothecary For The Mind, Body & Soul.

It’s time to invite an exciting change to your energy field.

If your feeling stagnant or blocked, book a fun filled hour session with Kaliopi to uncover what you need to get your ‘Groove’ back.

I will intuitively make you a medicine pouch or vial filled with crystals, herbs, oils and other natural elements and goodies, which I will tailor to suit your individual needs according to your situation.

You will carry this medicine pouch or vial with you to help release and unblock stagnant energy allowing a good, clear energy flow.

Put them under your pillow at night, carry them with you during the day and allow it to work to your advantage and benefit.

Nothing is prescribed to be ingested only to be carried.

In your reading with me I will consult with 3 different Oracle Decks: Medical Intuitive, Crystals & Healing Cards. This will allow greater clarity on the obstructions to your current situation.

From this reading I will be able to to determine what elements are needed to create your healing pouch/vial and I will channel directions for you on how it needs to be used.

You will receive with this consultation:

  1. A reading on your present circumstances.
  2. An intuitively created medicine pouch/vial.
  3. Directions on how to use this healing tool.

Each pouch/vial created is individual and tailored to your needs and present circumstances.

No two prescriptions will ever be alike.

Follow the guidance that comes with your medicine pouch/vial and watch the changes manifest in your life!

Total Cost: $165