Lida van den Berg

Lida van den Berg

Seventh Ray Centre

  • Trance Channeller & Healer

  • Teacher of Meditation & Crystal Frequencies

  • Facilitator of Personal & Professional Development Programmes

1 Hour Session / $98

Concession / $85

Children / $48 (including high school students)

Bookings: 0403 861 638


Lida van den Berg has had a lifelong interest in human behaviour and spirituality. This interest became more focused in the early nineties. Since 1997, Lida has worked as a therapist and teacher.

Lida has a passion for assisting people to live an inspired life.

Her ability to read the individual’s energy fields and her enthusiasm for assisting people to reach their potential is infectious. The methods used are gentle, non-denominational yet there is a strength and a belief that healing and learning will benefit the recipient as they navigate the journey of life. Lida’s mission is to support and inspire.

Lida is a member of IICT


Private Consultations:

The sessions consist of a style of dialogue that is about listening to the space between the words and the energy of the person. The Spiritual Healings offered contributes to aligning the person with their own values and truth. Some have described this method as trance healing. Each session provides a unique experience. Appointments are necessary.

Meditation has been described in many ways.

“Psychology Today acknowledges the benefits of meditation in their article “The Science of Meditation”: ‘A second study, published last year in Psychosomatic Medicine, taught a randomized group of 90 cancer patients mindful meditation (another type of practice). After seven weeks, those who had meditated reported that they were significantly less depressed, anxious, angry and confused than the control group, which hadn’t practiced meditation. The meditators also had more energy and fewer heart and gastrointestinal problems than did the other group.”

In other words meditation has an effect on the mental, emotional and physical levels thereby affecting your relationship with your life and spiritual essence. There are numerous methods to meditate. Buddhist monks will perform meditation by sitting still or by lying down or by walking. The Group meditation will enhance your personal experience. Meditation with Lida will at times take you to a place of bliss or to a place of intrigue. Each group meditation will provide opportunities to gain insights relevant to the participant.


“I went away from every session feeling strong, uplifted and with more self-acceptance than before without spending wasted hours on arduous egotistical introspection. You wouldn’t allow it! And that’s what I appreciate, your gentle nature mixed with a no nonsense wolf mother kind of style.”

– L. B

“Absolutely amazing meditation group on Friday mornings @ Qi crystals, restoring a sense of balance and alignment, healing and relaxation.”

– Emma S