Mary Gaynor

Mary Gaynor

Mary Gaynor Healing

  • Energy Healing
  • Kinesiology
  • Chakra Repair and Realignment

Initial Consultation / 90 minutes / $150.00

Subsequent Consultation / 60 minutes / $100

Facial De-stress Massage / 45 minutes / $75

Chakra Repair & Realignment / 60 minutes $100


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After surviving a brain tumour and subsequent disease, I turned to alternative healing and therapies for help with my own recovery and found my self drawn especially to Energy Healing and it’s remarkable healing qualities.The effect it had on my total recovery was so profound that I went on to become an Energy Healing Practitioner! It was through my own traumatic experience that I gained the insight, empathy and knowledge to help others heal as I had. I work with people to locate the root cause of their ailment and remove it so they too can feel energised and enjoy life again!

What I provide:

  • A safe and peaceful healing session where I seek to locate the root cause of your ailment which supports your physical body’s healing process
  • I provide tools and strategies to use which empowers you in your own healing process
  • I guide and support you though the entire healing process


ENERGY HEALING is a natural, non-invasive, gentle process that seeks to remove the root cause of your ailment. It is typically a non-touch process with the client falling into a calm meditative state as I seek the energy blockages that are causing the issue and removing them- occasionally there is a need to hold certain points on the body and the use of crystals to help restore the flow of energy There is discussion at the beginning and end of each session to exchange information where I also provide ideas, tools and information so the client can be involved with the management of their own health. The whole session is a deeply relaxing experience leaving the client feeling calm, clear and light!

Specialising in:

  • Digestive disorders
  • Hormones
  • Lethargy
  • Trauma and Pain
  • Stress
  • Sickness
  • Body Balance
  • Soul Repair
  • Chakra Realignment
  • Tree of Life Balance


Our chakras play an important role. in our health. Located at certain points running down through the centre of our body, they link the spiritual to the physical, and connect to areas throughout our body. The chakras can become blocked with stress, trauma and negative emotion which in turn affects the health of the physical section it is connected to.
For example, if the throat chakra is damaged, the thyroid gland may be compromised which affects the entire endocrine system. Using energy healing to remove these blockages, I rebuild and restore the chakras and reconnect them back to the specific physical area so the energy can flow uninterrupted between them again as it should.

**A session clearing and realigning the chakras has an immediate and wonderful impact on your health !**

FACIAL DE-STRESS MASSAGE – a beautiful facial massage that uses the techniques of energy healing to draw out the stress, anxiety and negative emotions stored within the facial muscles leaving you in a deeply calm and relaxed state and with your face and skin rejuvenated by the restored flow of energy and release of stress , you will look years younger  – a mini face lift!

Client Testimonials: 

Mary Gaynor is a wonderful healer. In addition to her exceptional skills and keen interest in her field, Mary’s warm and compassionate nature ensues clients feel deeply cared for and supported. I could not more highly recommend her!


I have seen Mary now for over a year and her work is absolutely incredible. She is so intuitive, warm and kind. Her healing nature is so open to receive anything you want/that needs to be cleared. She’ll do whatever she can to tap in and help heal what needs healing. Mary’s work has identified things in me that needed to be triggered and released for the continuation of my growth and expansion. Her work as an energy healer is just amazing and I couldn’t recommend her more. I will see Mary as long as I can. She is like an angel and will work on you even when you are unaware just to make sure you are ok!


With great scepticism, I contacted Mary after a personal recommendation. I had been unwell and stressed for some time and conventional treatments were getting me nowhere. I complied with Mary’s treatment regime and felt amazing after several engagements with her. I would highly recommend her and her healing services. I would be pleased to discuss this recommendation