Maurice Katting

Maurice Katting 

The Disconnect Healing Space

  • Shamanic Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • Clearing, Extraction & Grounding Work
  • Reiki
  • Kinesiology
  • Timeline Therapy

1 hour / $ 120

1.5 hours / $180

Bookings & Queries: 
0403 837 690

“I am here to assist you on your journey using the healing tools I’ve developed a connection with and my style of healing work, which is shamanic in its nature, and has organically developed over time.

My strengths in my work are grounding people, extraction and clearing work, clearing entities, cords, attachments and contracts, clearing stress, realigning the emotional body and helping people to achieve clarity and a feeling of peace and empowerment

Through the use of process oriented work, sound healing, flower essences, trance channeling, I can help you through your shadow work and come out the other side, feeling a lot more settled and clear within yourself”

–  Maurice

Feeling out of sorts? Disconnected? Ungrounded? Muddled? Stuck or emotionally overwhelmed?

The Disconnect Healing Space provides a holistic and experiential process where we can rapidly clear blockages in the energy field, ground and reconnect the emotional body to the physical body, as well as extract energies that are hooked into our field that no longer serve us.

Through a combination of sound, sounding tools, flower essences, and intention based shamanic ritual, we have designed a format of healing that works to peel back energetic layers of debris from a person’s energy field, ground them and return to them to a space of ease and solidity.

Through transforming the nervous system and allowing oneself a clear space to integrate and process, shifts can be made very quickly. Changes can occur in the emotional, mental, physical and light bodies.

We are happy to discuss your situation with you and explain the modalities we feel would be of benefit, as well as an energetic read of what is occuring in your mental, emotional, physcial and light bodies.

How A Session Is Structured:

  1. Discussion of current issues and reason for the session.
  2. By bringing up relevant discussion, client begins to move into “process” mode.
  3. Initiation of shamanic healing with combination of therapies.
  4. Sound healing, chanting, whistling, to connect to higher energies, clear blockages in light bodies and emotional body, relax the mind and the mental body allowing client to drop deeper into the physical body.
  5. Extraction and clearing out of debris in the auric field.
  6. Further grounding and alignment on the mental level, with further discussion after treatment to assist clarity and integration.


“Whenever I sense a feeling of emotional unrest and unresolved tension start to build within, I know the one thing that will help me get through it is a session (or what I like to call a spiritual healing session) with Maurice. He has a rare, calming quality that makes you feel at ease and relaxed, even when there is a storm building inside you. For those that have met him, you know exactly what I am talking about. Maurice is innately spiritual and uses his natural intuit to pick up on your energy vibration and help shift it to where it needs to be. Kind of like lifting a heavy weight off your shoulders. Maurice, I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to help heal my soul and guide me back onto a good and healthy path.”

– Julie. E

“Hi Gorgeous, just want to let you know what an amazing healer you are… On the physical, your energetic work unblocked & removed soooooo much that was sitting in my neck, shoulders & sacrum. On the emotional & spiritual level, the work triggered the tears & awakened my consciousness re- survivor mentality, enabling me to acknowledge, look deeply within at old program’s that are no longer valid, that continued to set up experiences where I would be in fear & play the victim role/ feeling unworthy etc. I feel like I have just awoken from a hazy dream.Thankyou so much Honey, you truly are a Godsend & I feel very blessed to have you in my life. Sending you BIG LOVE & DEEP GRATITUDE <3 xxx”

– Kerrie Sheridan