Nadia Woods

Woods Naturopathy

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  • Naturopathy
  • Herbalist
  • Nutritionist
  • Iridology

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Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Dietetics, Lifestyle, Testing, Supplementation consultations to identify the root cause/s of imbalance to attain true health and vitality. This may include time-lining your entire health history, tongue, nail, iris, urine and pathology analysis.

We use strategies that support your body’s drive for balance without over riding that innate process.

In order for treatment to be successful, it must be completely individualised and suited to the person. In my practice we will work together to implement strategies with which you are comfortable and inspired.

Iridology – Did you know that no two irises are the same, and a person’s iris is similar to a finger print. In an iridology consult you can find out what personality traits stem from your constitution, and how your constitution and the structure of your ‘fibres’ impact you daily needs in terms of diet, lifestyle, nutritional demands, relationships, and emotional needs.

Certain deficiencies can be seen in the iris, always needing to be confirmed with questioning and consultation though. In addition, excesses are evident such as:

  • excessive mucous production,
  • excessive toxicity in an area,
  • high stress or emotional demand &
  • other imbalances which may be increasing over time.
  • genetic predispositions

I’m Nadia and I’m a Bachelor qualified Naturopath based in Highett. I find success in utilising those ancient and traditional principals behind health:

  1. Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating imbalance
  2. Your body (and I mean mind body soul) has an innate mechanism for self healing
  3. We work to identify and remove obstacles for this innate self healing to occur.

Of course there are those conditions that require minimal work and those that are very multifaceted and Naturopathy can also work in combination with western medicine/treatment to increase effectiveness of this treatment and/or resolve the side effects of this treatment.

But a bit about me…..I guess I had always been one of those ‘well yet not well’ individuals. Those who have no major illness but are always plagued by digestive or energy or immune or other deficiencies that can be an ongoing thing to ‘manage’.

Until I learnt simultaneously as practitioner and patient the intricacies of chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, autoimmunity, fibromyalgia. Motivated by, not only helping those who need, but also educating on ways to prevent these and other conditions, which are increasingly prevalent in a society that pushes harder and harder on us all.

I find that those with fatigue, stress/anxiety, hormone and digestive imbalance and immune issues seem to find me, though I treat a wide range of conditions. I also support child and family health and have a 20 year background educating young children.

I offer detox packages, Iridology consults, acute appointments as well, and work on the knowledge that true healing involves a journey of, not only the physical, but mental and emotional self.

So I absolutely love working with other practitioners and therapists. And love following those who promote self care.

And in terms of someone who’d always been ‘well yet not well’, I turned 40 not long back, and can honestly say the health I have now (and fitness) is the best I’ve ever known. Your health is a gift that should be enjoyed every day


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I would like to recommend Nadia Woods from Woods Naturopathy, for a professional service and a comprehensive Iridologist Assessment. Thank you so much for your educational resource recommendations for anti-inflammatory eating options. I was blown away by how much accuracy this special eye assessment could reveal about my health issues, and more than that. I went seeking more knowledge and information about how to improve my sinus problems. Time to give up diary and sugar this year. With gratitude Nadia.

Mc Guinness Consultancy

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Nadia is a great health care professional who is friendly and great at treating my issues/complaints I presented her with, coming up with an easy plan I could follow to feel better. I believe Naturopathy is something all can benefit from and would highly recommend Nadia as a professional.

Luke Kaldellis

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Nadia is a very genuine and caring professional who took the time to really listen and help get the the root cause of my conditions and to help relieve and manage the unpleasant symptoms I was experiencing. She is warm and understanding and I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants to improve symptoms or conditions or their overall health and wellbeing

Renee Martine