Simone Surgeoner

Simone Surgeoner

Journey Practitioner

  • Journey Practitioner
  • Doula
  • Tantra

3 hours / $390


0426 175 529

The Journey process is a guided visualisation process, revealing inner emotions and behavioural patterns. There is an innate part of you that already knows the root of your behaviours, why they were set up, and how they no longer serve or support you.

By discovering, feeling and letting go the emotional core of limiting beliefs, old beliefs and behaviours dissolve. Many methods of “self-improvement” and “self-empowerment” only layer positive thinking onto incorrect theories you adopted early in life. It is important to first clear old core programming (inherited from our parents, culture and society, epigenetics) and then lay new foundational theories. From this new core base, everything is experienced from a state of abundant awareness, creating external realities which match the freedom of our inner being .

About Simone:

Simone has been working in the self-development field, coaching and practicing as an emotional therapist, for over 14 years. Along with studying sexuality for over a decade, Simone has trained personally with leaders in their fields, including business mentors and spiritual teachers.

A trained Doula (birth professional) Simone created a paradigm shift with her birth video on YouTube: Birth in Nature. Over 80 million views, the video demonstrates the innate primal force alive in each of us, which has been largely shut down and repressed in humans on this planet. This life force affects every aspect of our life – including our sexuality, finances, relationships and more.

Simone embodies deep devotion to the liberation of all humans. Her compassionate love creates an embrace of safety where people fall naturally into a state of true authenticity. Entering the portal of their own uniqueness, clients discover new levels of self-realisation.

Simone has worked with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, mothers, CEO’s, millionaires, tradesmen, children and therapists. She has worked in Australia, USA and Mexico and also conducts skype sessions with people from other countries and nationalities.

Client Testimonials:

“Simone has a very uncommon understanding of the energetic dynamics around people, behavior, relationships. Her great ability to listen and reveal unique, value-added perspectives around challenges and opportunities, comes from a higher, inclusive yet healthfully detached place, allowing for higher truths to emerge. Simone is wonderfully light, whimsical, flowing, embracing and has a lyrical manner of connecting.”

M. Cross