Tina Orfanos from Tina O Spirit

Tina Orfanos

Tina O Spirit

  • Soul Readings

  • Medium

  • Spirit Healings

  • Trance Channelling

  • Metaphysics Teacher

  • Past Life Assimilation

  • Angel Intuitive

  • Animal Communicator

  • Arbah Healing

  • Pellowah Healing

  • Reconnective Healing


30 Minute / $70

60 Minute / $130

90 Minute / $180


Bookings: 0416 889 674



“This is no ordinary life and I choose to live it that way, we live in magical times and the veil between two worlds is thinning, and each of us has their gifts that are to be displayed, what are your gifts and what are you here to do. What is holding you back? My life purpose is to help people awaken to who they truly are and to assist them on their path in a loving, judgment free way.

“It’s time to wake up spiritually to awaken our gifts and to be set on our own spiritual pathway. Our soul always knows and loves the truth, we all have the answers that we seek within us. My passion is to guide you to your own singing heart and my goal is to transcend all illusions of physical limitations, to live in alignment with Divine Truth and to accomplish multi dimensional alignment with one’s True Self.”

Tina O Spirit

Through her readings Tina will be able to connect with you at a Soul level, as we are multi dimensional so are Tina’s readings, they start off with beloved loved ones who have crossed over (Mediumship), they then connect with your higher self and spirit guides, leading into the Angelic Realm (Angel channeling) and finally into the Akashic Records (Past Lives, Soul Calling & Life Purpose), Animal and Totem animals can come forth as well, to bring forth all your gifts from every dimension.

A Soul Reading is an opportunity to touch into and connect with you at Soul level. We each are here at this time in order to embody and manifest our own very special, unique, and wonderful array of “gifts” on the earth. We each have something truly magnificent to express in this lifetime.

In a Soul Reading your Soul speaks to you, heart to heart. With the assistance of your guides and angels, images, thoughts, and feelings are brought forth to help you “see” yourself through the eyes and heart of your Soul. All aspects of your life come into it, whether you are in the right relationship, whether you are in the right job, physical and spiritual issues as well.

A Medical Intuitive session is when you want to re write your personal history whether physical, mental or spiritual, when we look at breaking patterns that no longer suit us. Your biology becomes your biography and everything has a hidden meaning behind it. Together we will come to a solution. Whether there are blockages in stress or anxiety, whether you are feeling stuck and you need insight and direction, have health issues that won’t resolve or defy diagnoses, Or you want to know how or why a particular problem is occurring.

What can you expect during a session? You will be able to explore different dimensions and realities, let go of limiting beliefs, and self realise different outcomes as sacred geometry is used, DNA activations, crystal gridding or psychic surgery. So that releasement of symptoms can occur.

When emotional and physical blockages are presented during the Soul Reading, we can then look into healing through a number of different techniques, including Medical intuitive sessions, Reconnective and the Reconnection, Pellowah, Spiritual, Angelic or an Intuitive Healing to remove those blockages.


“Tina O spirit is one of my favorite spiritual teachers as she comes from the most loving and supportive space, you never feel judged for anything that comes up in circle or healings. Highly recommend for people to get in touch and be part of the magic.” Theo

“I love being able to work on and travel many different levels and dimensions with Tina. My favourite classes have been shadow work and psychic development and mediumship. Tina holds high levels of ancient wisdom across many subjects, motherly love, meticulously energetic hygiene and I have always felt safe, nurtured, supported in all the work we have done together both in class and on a personal level. A truly magical teacher and soul healer.” Elise

On Sunday, Tina my best friends mum, my best friend and I had a long d&m for an hour (we each had a 20m session) I asked her if I was ever going to have a certain person in my life again and she said I would within 3 months…I saw that person today for the first time in half a decade. I don’t know if it was a co-incidence or what but it’s just super uncanny how I was only just asking about them.” Meegan

“I went to a party not long ago, Tina read my partner and myself, it was incredible. As I sat down she asked us if we were pregnant, we said no. Not long after we found out we were expecting! She was so spot on about certain aspects of our lives and passed relatives. I’ve always been a sceptical person Tina changed my entire outlook. Definitely recommend.” Alison