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Tumbled pebbles

We are proud to carry one of the largest ranges of tumbled pebbles available in Australia with well over one hundred and fifty different stones to choose from. All of our crystals are hand-picked for consistency, and are of the highest quality. Starting from $2.50 pebbles are one of our most popular items and an affordable way to collect crystals and gemstones. These smooth stones are also perfect for carrying around in your pocket, and some women even tuck them in their bra each day! They can also be placed in the corner of your pillow slip or slipped between your fitted sheet and your mattress, this way they are with you for almost half of the day and some people believe we are in one of our most receptive states when asleep.

As long as the crystals are within your energy field they are having their effect. Our energy field extends an arms width from the body, keep your crystals within this radius as an easy way to incorporate their healing energy into your everyday life.

Commercially tumbled pebbles are made smooth and shiny in machines called a tumbler. When placing crystals into tumbling machine you are essentially emulating and speeding up a riverbed process. By spinning the crystals around and around using water as a lubricant and by introducing course abrasives the crystals become smooth, they then introduce progressively finer abrasives until they get the final polish. The whole process can take up to six to eight weeks.

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Amethyst & Variations

Tumbled Pebbles: Amethyst


Aventurine & Variations

Tumbled Pebbles: Blue Aventurine


Clear Quartz & Variations

Tumbled Pebbles: Clear Quartz