Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

These beautiful bowls have such high resonance that, when played, you can feel their powerful vibration throughout the body. This high sound frequency is often used to clear and align the energy centres (chakras) in the body. As each note is played, each chakra is reminded of its correct functioning frequency, and is able to realign itself.

Singing bowls can also be played to cleanse one’s environment or objects (such as crystals or jewellery) of stored or negative energy. The bowls are often used to open and close sacred space, and may be played before and after a ceremony or meditation.

Although sold as ‘Quartz Crystal’ bowls, the bowls are poured and then cooled very slowly (rather than carved), so in fact they are more akin to ‘Fine Crystal Glass’ than a naturally occurring crystal. The manufacturers claim that pure quartz crystals are melted to make these beautiful bowls, and that is why they are named as such. Being glass, crystal bowls can break fairly easily if dropped or knocked, and care must be taken when playing them.

Each chakra vibrates to a particular note, as it does to a colour. Some crystal singing bowls are attuned to the chakras. Each of these bowls produces a particular note that corresponds to a particular chakra. For this reason they are often sold in sets of seven chakra notes, although pitch perfect bowls can be hard to come by. If you are looking for a particular note, or a complete chakra set, we highly recommend playing the bowls and testing them with a pitch finder prior to purchasing, as we have found that many people in the industry are not supplying what they are advertising.

All of our bowls are tested to ensure that you get the correct note. We invite you to come into the store to play and test them for yourself. We import all of our crystal singing bowls direct from the manufacturer, and offer them at unbeatable prices.

Please note: we also stock a range of coloured bowls at very competitive prices. The prices listed are for frosted bowls only.

8″: $275

10″: $305

11″: $315

12″: $340

14″: $465

16″: $555

18″: $665

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