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Qi is one of Melbourne’s most established and well respected New Age bookstores. From natural health and well-being, to spiritual and psychic development, Qi offers a serious and extensive range of books. You will find our shelves well stocked with books to engage most areas of interest and belief systems. With a large children’s section, we cater to all age groups.

All prices are listed in Australian dollars.

Oracle Card Decks- Inspirational, Affirmation, Angel, & Tarot Cards

In recent years the range of oracle cards on offer has exploded. With so many decks now available, and new decks being released each month, you need never be short of guidance or inspiration.

You’re invited to come in and explore our huge range. Enjoy our beautiful and nurturing space; sit in our reading room, or out in our tranquil garden, and play with any one of our many open cards decks. Explore all of the different decks available until you find the one that resonates most with you.

Card decks range from $20 – $40 (special edition packs are possibly more.)

With so many card decks to choose from, selecting a deck for yourself, or as a gift, can be a little overwhelming. We hope the following information offers you some insight:

Books Affirmation Cards

Some decks are designed for inspiration, with positive quotes or affirmations. These types of decks are probably the easiest to use – simply choose a thought or message for the day, or whenever you feel the need.

Books Oracle Cards

These usually come with a guidebook, as the author has designed them with a more structured system of divination in mind. It may be worth reading the guidebook to help you to decide if it is the best deck for you. If this is too complicated or time consuming, many people simply hold a question in their minds and then pick one, two, or three cards to give them an answer. If the answer is not clear, you may ask for clarification and pull one more card.

Angel Cards are a genre of oracle cards (see above) that depict angels. These cards work to connect us with, and/or channel, angelic vibrations. For this reason the readings and messages obtained through angel decks are always said to be positive and uplifting.

Books Tarot Cards

The Tarot is an ancient and relatively complex system of divination. Traced through the Hebrew culture and the Golden Dawn, it has a recorded history of more than 2000 years. Consisting of a deck of 78 cards, there is a very structured way that these oracle cards are designed to be read. Consequently, it can take a long time to learn how to interpret the Tarot, and you may require a more detailed guidebook to refer to whilst you learn. We recommend learning to read the tarot with either the Rider Waite or Mythic Tarot decks, as these are the easiest to work with. Although there are literally thousands of different Tarot decks available, in many cases the author has overlaid additional meaning to the cards, or the  illustrator has reinterpreted the images (often losing the original meaning of the card), making interpretation more complex for the beginner.


Music, Audiobooks, Meditation & Hypnotherapy CDs

Music is such a personal experience that we suggest you come in when you have time enough to sit and listen. With an iPad and headphones, you can explore our huge range of CDs and audiobooks at your leisure.

  • From $18.95 each

Beautiful Gift Cards & Bookmarks

Qi is known for our exceptional range of beautiful, meaningful, and inspiring gift cards. With five of our six ranges designed by Australian publishing houses, these are not run-of-the-mill gift cards! Every day our customers let us know that they have come in specifically for our gift cards, and thank us because they always find one that is perfect for the occasion.

  • Cards from $3.95 each
  • Bookmarks from $3.50 each

Calendars & Diaries

Each year Qi stocks a large range of calendars, diaries, planting guides and journals.

  • Calendars from $20 each
  • Diaries & Journals from $24.95 each

Reference Posters & Pocket Guides

Want information in a quick and concise format without having to buy a whole book on the subject? Then these A4, A5, and pocket-sized guides are for you. We carry a full range of reference guides on many subjects.

  • $3.95 – $15 each