Enquiry Circle for Men & Women

Monthly Class:

Enquiry Circle for Men & Women

with Sharon Sztar & Daryl Chantry

When : 


  • 13 Feb
  • 12 March
  • 9 April
  • 30 April
  • 28 May
  • 25 June


7:30PM – 9:00PM


Sharon Sztar & Daryl Chantry


$20 per person

Bookings Essential:

0411 206 830


“When we know how to be with ourselves, we will know how to be with one another”

– Monthly Enquiry Circle for men and women

It essentially all comes down to us. Our relationship with the world; our relationship with the environment; and our relationship with the people around us is all about the relationship we have with ourselves.

Join Darryl and Sharon in a monthly circle for men and women where we will explore the relationship and connection between inner harmony and outer harmony.

Our Circle has been created with the specific intention of examining what makes us whole and the important part the integration of our own individual masculine and feminine energies plays in this.

Often more commonly associated with women’s groups, we have chosen the format of a circle for our joint group because circles represent a whole; no piece is missing, no piece is valued more or less than another; no piece is exempt. A circle signifies the connection of all things.

Circles also traditionally have been used for bringing community together and our desire is to establish and nourish a community with a joint vision of harmony.

Format of Circle:

Each month we will explore a theme connected to harmony and integration.

We will use a number of tools and practices to support the theme, including meditation, visualisation, energy healing, ritual, movement, journaling, individual contemplation and group discussion.

What to bring to the Circle:

  • Your curiosity and openness
  • A commitment to grow, connect, explore;
  • An willingness to share and a capacity to hold space for others as they share.
  • Each Circle we may also suggest you bring an item, token or offering to match and contribute to the theme of the month.

About Sharon Sztar:

Sharon is a certified Stillness through Movement (STM) Teacher, Wellness Educator, Feminine Embodiment Mentor and Writer. With a career spanning 15 years in corporate marketing and communications for PwC and IBM, Sharon’s life took a dramatic change in direction after spending seven years with debilitating life-threatening Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Moving to the hinterland of Byron Bay for six years, she healed through realigning with nature and her own innate feminine rhythms. Passionate about exposing the link between stress, fatigue and illness and our ‘unnatural’ busy lifestyles, Sharon’s work provides both an oasis and panacea to 21st century living.

About Darryl Chantry:

Darryl is a channeller, researcher of ancient histories, certified healer and conscious innovator working in human-centred technologies. He has spent most of his adult life traveling the world before settling in Melbourne a few years ago. Here Darryl discovered Reiki and furthered his studies with Chiron, Ashati, Seichem, Pellowah, Golden Dragon, and Alesmia energy modalities. Over this time Darryl experienced a re-awakening his intuitive abilities which he is now using to build upon his years of working for technology companies like Microsoft and IBM to help drive conscious innovation in knowledge and technology.