Meditation for Beginners & Newcomers

Weekly Class:


with Lara

When : 



10:00AM – 11:00AM




$15 per person

Bookings Essential:

0403 228 990

Meditation calms, centres and balances our mind and body. The class focuses on stilling the mind by using breathing practices and bringing attention to a single focus. Once focused we are then able to open up to ourselves and receive the healing and direction we need. The class may also include cleansing our energy centres and energy bodies with focused attention and energy.

Whatever you bring to the meditation class, you can expect this to be addressed during your meditation time. It’s a way of nurturing yourself regularly.

About Lara:

As a child I enjoyed my “beingness” and I have vivid flashbacks of “being”, usually in nature. As I got older the conditioning of life and my experiences layered over the real me and hindered this ability to just be. In my 20’s I was introduced to spiritual/energy based healing modalities and this deeply resonated with me and brought healing and joy. I slowly and steadily built up skills and experience in Reiki, Seichim, Metatronic healing, Forensic healing, holistic counselling and mindfulness, while also pursuing work in tourism, business, IT and later social work. What I’ve discovered is that true joy grows in us as the layers are peeled off and we become more and more the real (therefore healed) version of ourselves.

What I can offer to you is peeling back of layers so that you can enjoy the centredness of “being” your true self and also life as a reflection of that self.