Learn to Read the Tarot in Just Six Weeks with Andrea Fortune

Weekly Class:

Learn to read the Tarot

with Andrea Fortune

When : 

Wednesday (commencing October 30)


7:00PM – 9:00PM


Andrea Fortune


$300 for 6 weeks

Bookings Essential:

0424 594 073

Are you interested in learning how to read the tarot?

My course will not only help you to discover the tarot, but also to discover yourself. Use the tarot-compass for direction and look through the mirror, reflecting your thoughts, feelings, dreams and landscape of your life.

This is a powerful and fun introduction that will journey into the heart of this ancient and fascinating art. Suitable for any level.

  • Learn to open and expand your intuition
  • Get an understanding of what each card symbolises.
  • Access your intuition and master your true self.
  • Read tarot spreads for others
  • Identify what is blocking you from reaching your full potential

To enquire please call: 0424 594073

About Andrea:

Andrea started reading the tarot in London 20 years ago and now runs a successful business as a trusted psychic tarot reader and teacher, with clients in the USA, Canada and UK as well as here in Australia. She works regularly for psychic exhibitions and events as well as on an international psychic line. Her course is aimed to demystify the tarot and teach you to read for yourself and others.