Weekly Class:

Meditation & Satsang

with Andrea with Oneness

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When : 



10:00AM – 11:15AM


Andrea with Oneness


$20-$30 sliding scale. Please pay for what you wish, and bring cash.

Bookings Essential:

0411 954 391



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All those interested in meditation are welcome to join me Saturday mornings from 10-11am, for ‘Meditation & Satsang: Awakening to Oneness’.

PLEASE NOTE: Once a month this class will NOT run. Instead it will be a longer class where we process polarities and shadow together. See here for details.

‘Satsang’ is a Hindu term that simply means gathering. This is a gathering for those who wish to sit within the illuminated beauty of our true nature as love and light.

We will begin with a guided meditation, and then allow time to ‘sit with’ anything that arises in consciousness. As much as possible we will be present with anything that needs our soft attention.

I am what is known as ‘Self Realized’. Great sages such as Ramana Maharshi and Papaji were at this level of consciousness. If you would like to understand what this is, please go to my website: http://andreaoneness.com/self-realization

You are more than welcome to drop-in, though space is fairly limited with room for 7 participants. So you may wish to text me, or contact me before-hand just in case!

Looking forward to sitting with you!

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