Monthly New Moon Women’s Circle with Sharon Sztar

Monthly Class:

New Moon Women’s Circle

with Sharon Sztar

When : 


August 29

September 26

October 24

November 21

December 19 


7:30PM – 9:00PM


Sharon Sztar


$20 per person

Bookings Essential:


The new moon is a time of inner reflection, inwards movement and harnessing of deep feminine wisdom. In years gone by, women would move into a ‘red tent’ during menstruation/new moon to replenish and prepare for the month ahead, as well as channel their intuitive wisdom to share with their communities and tribe.

The new moon has a very potent drawing in energy, which means we as women can manifest and draw towards us what we require for the coming month. It is a time of setting intentions and creating new beginnings.

Come join me for our monthly version of a modern-day red tent where you will explore and celebrate the powerful and intuitive energy of the new moon amongst other women 💕

What is a Woman’s Circle 

A Women’s Circle is a time honoured way to explore the path of womanhood. In ancient times, women used to gather regularly ‘in circle’ to share stories, love and wisdom. Reviving these sacred women’s gatherings is one way of reviving parts of our feminine nature and lineage that have been lost or ‘misplaced’ in today’s modern world.

How will joining a Circle help me

  • A chance to connect with yourself and other women in a deep and authentic manner
  • An opportunity to be seen and heard for who you truly are
  • An opening to understand and embody the beauty, power and mystique of the woman within and her innate cyclical rhythms

What to expect during the Circle

We literally sit in a circle around a beautiful alter that I create using the different elements of nature. Each circle will follow a particular theme and and will include ‘sharing’ and ‘practice’. During the ‘sharing’ part, each woman will bring her own experience and input to the group and during the ‘practice’ I will introduce some rituals, exercise, meditation or activity that helps us to embody the theme.

What do you need to bring to the Circle:

  • An openness to share
  • A desire and ability to hold space for other women as they share
  • A curiosity and desire to remember and rediscover the innate native ways of cyclical women

Bookings essential to confirm your place by COB the day prior to each circle 🙏🏻

About Sharon:

If you’d have met me 15 years ago, you’d have met an adrenalin-led, corporate communications executive who thrived on busy-ness and movement. If you’d have met me seven years ago, you’d have met a severely ill person suffering from debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). If you get to meet me today, you’ll meet a well woman who has fully recovered through discovering a new way of being in life.

The seven-year ‘gap’ in my life where I lived with CFS was also the turning point in my life. It’s where I went from fighting life to flowing with life. It’s where I went from living a synthetic linear life to living a natural cyclical life. It’s where I met my soul and learnt what it means to be a human and a woman.

Now working as a Womens Wellness Educator and Mentor, STM Teacher and Writer, my focus is to gift women with the space to reconnect with their inner feminine essence and find their own healing path home to self. In doing so, I bring together knowledge and experience gained through my 12 year professional career as a corporate marketing and communications executive; studies in business, nutritional medicine, holistic therapies and STM; and perhaps most importantly life wisdom through my years in the wilderness of a chronic illness.