Monthly Class:

Processing Shadow

with Andrea Oneness

When : 



10:00AM – 12:00PM


Andrea Oneness


$30-40 sliding scale, pay as you choose.

Bookings Essential:

0411 954 391

This will be a two hour class helping you to identify shadow, patterns, and what may not be conscious.

This processing tool can be used for anything at all that you would like to sit with.

By noticing polarities we are able to come into a more integrated state, and to dissolve any false ego.

We will be processing a particular polarity as a group.

This will be more of a discussion based class, with a short meditation. I will also be sharing what worked for me during my own journey of awakening, and what I still do when I notice something arising in consciousness.

This class will be repeated once a month and is in place of the meditation class. Each month we will cover a different polarity.

Please get in touch, or go to my website, to find out when the subsequent monthly Processing Shadow Class will be. For more information please go to: