Spiritual Development Circle with Tina Orfanos

Weekly Class:

 Spiritual Development Classes

with Tina O Spirit

When : 



7:00PM – 9:00PM


Tina Orfanos


$30 per person


$280 for 12 classes

Bookings & Queries:

0416 889 674

Check our daily Facebook posts for last-minute class cancellations, or give the store a call the day prior. Please wear comfortable clothing. 

It’s Time:

The veil is thinning between worlds, more and more so we are becoming so much more sensitive, the things that we kept on putting in the back burner like us becoming more spiritual or getting on our pathway…it’s coming to the fore front, so if you are sensitive

You are sensitive to everything and everyone, you pick up on other people, on animals, or even houses (this house feels strange)

Everyone comes to you. People seem to sit down next to you and all of a sudden they will start off conversations with something like this…(I have never told anyone else this but…..insert deep dark secret there)

You have been told what a great listener you are, how everyone seems to trust you, but there is something missing….

You feel out of place, you feel like you are the odd one out, you feel a range of emotions and most of them are not yours.

You know things, you don’t know how you know things you just do and you have an issue with boundaries….

You like people, maybe even have this deep sense of love for them…(just don’t come too close) is what you usually say to them.

You have an issue with relationships because nearly always you are the giver, and you have found some takers?? If you are sitting there thinking to yourself is she talking to me?


This course is not for the faint hearted, yes you will be taken out of your comfort zone, yes you will learn some amazing things, but only if you are ready.

So what is the most important thing that you will learn??

The ability to trust yourself and the information that you are getting.

As well as:

Meeting and greeting and having a personal connection with your Spiritual Possie Team, IE your loved ones, your higher self, your Spirit Guides, The Celestials aka your Angels, the Elementals, your Council of Light, your power animals

You will need to get your Spiritual Passport ready because we are going travelling

Book your window seat as we are traveling to Avalon, Atlantis, Leumeria, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and we are meeting up with the Ascendant Masters.

We will delve into Past Lives

You are already psychic, you are already intuitive, all that you are doing is learning the tools to access the information

You will learn all about your Clairs and how to recognise them and how to activate them

You will learn tools how to give readings on the spot, You will delve into your shadow, embracing your very own shadow, you will learn how to love yourself, just that little bit more.

And a a bit of more self love, because at the end of the day it comes back to that.

My mission is not for you to be more Spiritual, we are already Spiritual beings having a human experience, my mission is for you to awaken parts of you that you know are there, to validate what you already know,

I am your guide on this journey, I will be holding a stupendous amount of Sacred Space, Space for you to grow and evolve and learn.

It is going to be exciting and a thrill. You will be pushed outside your boundaries, you will learn and grow as a soul and as a spirit and you will gain new friends some of which are soul family. I am deeply honoured to assist you on this part of your journey.

The course will go for 12 weeks, from 4th of February till 13th of May

About Tina:

Tina will be your facilitator for the course of 12 weeks, she is a Soul Reader, Medium, Healer, and Metaphysics Teacher she has enhanced her natural gifts by sitting with some world renowned teachers, such as Doreen Virtue, Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Caroline Myss, and many others, she believes that we develop in all areas of our lives when we start sitting in circle. Her classes are inspiring, motivational, awakening and so much fun. Get in Touch to learn more.