Weekly Class:

The Shaman & the Witch: Spiritual Growth, Guidance & Awakening

with Maurice & Kaliopi

When : 



10:00AM – 12:00PM


Maurice & Kaliopi


$80 per person

/ or book 3 weeks in advance for $70 per person

Bookings Essential:

Kaliopi – 0498 290 284

This group class combines a mixture of psychic development, meditation, group healing, spiritual guidance, group readings, psychometry (skull readings & objects) scrying and other forms of divination, oracle cards, coffee cup readings and energy work.

Kaliopi’s role (Readings by Kaliopi) in the class is comprised of opening people up to spirit, helping them develop their gifts, finding ways for them to channel and the information they receive, empowering them with confidence in their psychic reading ability.

Maurice’s role ( The Disconnect Healing Space) in the class is to look at the group energy, find blockages in the auric field, the emotional & the mental body, and work with the group to release, clear and shift whatever is needed. He combines the use of his shamanic tools such as essences and healing objects with his work, and narrates meditation through the inner realms.

The synergy of the two teachers will help to develop and steadily guide the group & the combination of psychic development and healing work will greatly advance any participant on their spiritual journey

No boring theory and tedious handouts, bring your notebook, your pen and your “ A – game.“ (but pls leave egos at the door, this is a safe fun and nurturing environment for you to explore & experience)

Facilitator Biographies:


There are so many people in this world who are creative. Creativity comes to us in many forms; singing, painting, drawing, sketching, dancing & music… this list is endless. I have the gift of sight.

My psychic ability dates as far back as the age of 2; which as I recall it, was quite intense. It was a very difficult time, as I did not quite understand what was happening to me.

I heard things; I saw things, and had the ability to talk with people who had passed over. It started with premonitions and then increased over time. Some of the things I had seen and heard can be quite frightening and disturbing to a little girl who did not understand what was happening.

As time went on, I started developing my skills. It took me quite some time to adapt and nurture my gift to allow it to grow.

I’ve been a professional Oriental Tea Leaf, Lenormand & Chakra Card Reader for many years now; using my insight to guide others on their own unique journeys. However, I did not expect my life journey to be so fraught with unexpected challenges. I began my voyage of discovery as a young person, following the path as it was opening up to me. Along the way, I embraced my experiences one step at a time.

With 30+ years behind me, my readings are experiences of discovery and growth for those seeking counsel.

My readings will answer your questions helping you to sense the path before you. I look forward to being able to share my gift with you, and to also provide you with the invaluable insight you need to pave your way to a brighter future.


“I am here to assist you on your journey using the healing tools I’ve developed a connection with and my style of healing work, which is shamanic in its nature, and has organically developed over time.

My strengths in my work are grounding people, extraction and clearing work, clearing entities, cords, attachments and contracts, clearing stress, realigning the emotional body and helping people to achieve clarity and a feeling of peace and empowerment

Through the use of process oriented work, sound healing, flower essences, trance channeling, I can help you through your shadow work and come out the other side, feeling a lot more settled and clear within yourself”