Room & Workshop Hire


If you are looking to run your own practice from a beautiful, fully furnished, and well-equipped room, with high ceilings and lots of natural light, set within a well-established, reputable centre, we ask you to consider taking a room at Qi.

Qi offers a choice of seven fully serviced treatment rooms that we hire out to practitioners on an on-going basis with a minimum half a day per week commitment. Whilst we already have many practitioners on board, there is still lots of flexibility and some great time slots available.

Qi also offers a weekend workshop space with facilities for up to 55 people. If you are interested in booking workshop space, please contact us for available dates, and feel free to check out this website to look at what types of workshops practitioners are already running.

We firmly believe that we have established, and will continue to build, a symbiotic relationship with practitioners. The environment we have created is warm and open, and all aspects of the business flourish within this community atmosphere. This sentiment is confirmed when reading the heartfelt words written by our practitioners about their experience of working from Qi. Please see current practitioner feedback below.

Take this opportunity to discover why Qi is uniquely positioned to assist your business to grow to its full potential. Please click on the buttons below to download our information kits for Practitioner Room Hire & Workshop Room Hire, which clearly outlines exactly what Qi offers practitioners, our rates, and guidelines:

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Garden Studio
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Garden Studio
Garden Studio
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I highly recommend the rooms at Qi to complementary professionals who are seeking an extra-ordinary space for their clients. Attention to detail is of a high standard. The staff and management at Qi work to ensure the rooms are always beautifully presented, clean and very comfortable. Any required equipment is on hand, from meditation cushions to treatment tables through to electronic equipment. Any practitioner concerns are promptly addressed. Specialty days are held to support all the practitioners at Qi. My vocation is my business and Qi has contributed to its success.

One of my clients describes her experience to that of entering ‘Aladdin’s Cave’. Qi is an experience and offers so much on many levels. I truly am grateful that I am part of the amazing picture that has been created at Qi” 

Lida van den Bergpracticing from Qi since 2003


I have worked at several other healing centres and Qi is the shining star amongst them. The professionalism of their staff, the quality of the rooms and service provided to practitioners is outstanding. Qi Crystals has been the mainstay of the building of my business and to be a part of such a centre has been a joy and a privilege

James Stanton, practicing from Qi since 2006


Qi & Derek make it a high priority to ensure that the practitioner rooms are always an appropriate space for healing work.   There is much in-store, they offer great shop-front advertising to leverage their customer market, plus space set aside in the shop for the practitioners’ own advertising media, all at no cost to the practitioners.  Qi & Derek have an incredible drive to be successful, this manifests in a shop and a business that is meticulously cared for.  They are also always eager to explore and offer new ideas to increase the visibility and patronage of the healing centre.”

David Lane, practicing from Qi since 2008


“I have been at Qi Crystals for three years now and have got to know the shop, practitioners and all its staff very well. It’s like a close family who just keep growing. I have always been treated with respect and all my needs as a practitioner have been met. Spacious rooms, fully stocked with all things beautiful. When I come in as a practitioner, my room is always clean and set up before I arrive and that way I only have to add my final touches. The rooms are also very workable and practical, so when practising your modalities you make the room your own with all your tools of trade that you bring to it. Apart from the tools you bring with you, Qi Crystals provides you with everything else. This beautiful centre is definitely a home away from home. I highly recommend this beautiful place to anyone looking for a peaceful haven.”

Kaliopi, practicing from Qi since 2015

“I visit and work from centres all over the world and Qi is one of the very best I have come across. The staff are so helpful and friendly, it’s always a joy to spend time there. The rooms are well-equipped with anything you could need and beautifully decorated. Everything is run with the utmost professionalism, and the rooms are always pre-prepared with care and attention. The shop offers so many things – crystals, books, jewellery, and more. My clients always love coming to see me there. I’m so grateful to have found Qi and be welcomed back with open arms every time I return to Melbourne.”

Gina Robinson