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Sharon Sztar

  • Stillness through Movement (STM) Teacher

  • Women’s Wisdom and Wellness Mentor

  • Menstrual Cycle Health Educator


Weekly Women’s Circle / $15

Private STM Session / 90 mins / $140

Women’s Cycle Package / 4 x sessions / $480

*10% discount for students, pensioners and health care cards


0411 206 830

As women we are gifted with a cyclical life. This means we ebb and flow with the seasons of life, not unlike the ocean, moon and other creatures of nature. Yet we’ve been brought up to believe our shifting tides aren’t ‘normal’, leading to many of our modern-day anxiety, stress and fatigue based dis-eases.

Simultaneously, our busy, 24/7 adrenalin and technology-driven world is taking away much of our space and stillness; the actual only place healing occurs.

Falling prey myself to this dangerous duo, I spent seven years with debilitating CFS. What healed me wasn’t medicine (traditional or alternative) but changing the way I lived and learning to embrace the woman within.

I look forward to sharing this with you as a practitioner at Qi.

STM (Stillness Through Movement)

What is STM

STM is a unique sequenced combination of supported restorative poses, vibrational medicine (aromatherapy and essences), conscious breath and mind awareness techniques to support deep restoration of the endocrine and nervous systems.

Often termed a ‘moving meditation’, an STM session works on unwinding our more active sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and nourishing our often depleted parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) enabling our body/mind to relax and return to a state of balance. This is the place our body heals from – emotionally, mentally and physically.

How will STM help me

STM is a panacea for our modern life. In our frenetic ‘on-the-go’ world, with very little time for pause, reflection and rest, we’re at the risk of being constantly in SNS overdrive (aka Fight, Flight, Freeze mode) and never nourishing our PSNS. The problem with this is that many of our key bodily functions, such as digestion, salivation, urination, defecation, lacrimation and sexual arousal are dependant on a healthy PSNS. If we don’t take time to pause and experience deep rest and stillness, these functions begin to suffer.

In particular it helps to stabilise our female hormones through all stages of our cyclical life (puberty, fertility, peri-menopause and menopause) and supports any conditions connected to the nervous and endocrine systems. It’s also a wonderful post-illness recovery alley as the PSNS is known as the healing room of the body.

Specialty 90 minute sessions address: 

  • Feminine Hormonal Balance
  • Adrenal Fatigue & CFS Recovery
  • Insomnia Relief
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression support

In addition, I offer an Embrace the Cycles of Being a Woman four-session package. The focus of this program is to assist you to align your menstrual cycle with the moon and address associated menstrual challenges, such as cycle irregularities, PMS, scant or heavy bleeding, PCOS and endometriosis. This package includes STM movement practices, new and full moon rituals and food and lifestyle recommendations. I also run this as a full-day workshop; next date scheduled for early 2019.

What to expect in an STM session

In a private session I will tailor the sequence for your current state of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, with a focus on choosing the best pathway to bring your individual constitution back into balance. You’ll be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire in advance of the class so I can tailor the session accordingly.

Unlike a yoga class, STM requires no striving in poses; actually we request the complete opposite. Our goal is to release the body and mind from all striving as it’s only in this space that the body can relax, activate the PSNS and therefore begin to heal. This is why it is the ideal practice for anyone suffering from fatigue and stress related-illnesses. Most of the poses are also done on the floor which helps to counter the effect of gravity; you’ll definitely notice the difference. It’s an extremely nurturing practice, yet it also refreshes the mind and body so you feel as if you’ve just woken up from a deep sleep.

* No yoga or mediation experience required.


Hi, my name is Sharon. If you’d have met me 15 years ago, you’d have met an adrenalin-led, corporate communications executive who thrived on busy-ness and movement. If you’d have met me seven years ago, you’d have met a severely ill person suffering from debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). If you get to meet me today, you’ll meet a vital, healthy, calm woman who shares my time between a quiet country life in Byron Bay and a more robust life in the city of Melbourne.

The seven year ‘gap’ in my life where I lived with CFS was also the turning point in my life. It’s where I went from fighting life to flowing with life. It’s where I went from living a synthetic linear life to living a natural cyclical life. It’s where I met my soul and learnt what it means to be a human and a woman.

Now working as an STM Teacher, Writer, Speaker and Facilitator, my focus is to gift you with the space to find your own healing path home. The practices I share are applicable to anyone dealing with everyday 21st Century stressors, whether they be physical, emotional or mental. The insights provided merge my experiences from before CFS, during CFS and after CFS, making them relatable to whichever path of the journey you currently find yourself on. I bring together my own life wisdom with the knowledge gained through my 12 year professional career as a corporate marketing and communications executive and studies in business, nutritional medicine, holistic therapies and STM.

In reference to the STM sessions I will be offering at Qi, I’ve completed my STM Level 3 Teacher Training (235 hours) and I’m a member of the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists) with full professional indemnity insurance.

Client Testimonials: 

“I was feeling tired and spacey when we began. By the end of the session I felt more grounded and focused, less frenetic and no longer tired. It was as if I had slept and woke up rested, although I didn’t actually fall asleep during the session. Practicing on a regular basis, I feel like I now have a tool set I know will balance, focus and relax me.”

(STM Student, Stacey)

“At the end of our session I felt very relaxed, joyful, grounded and had more mental clarity than when we began.”

(STM Student, Anna)

“The interesting thing about the session was that it made me more aware of my body by helping me to get out of my mind. I didn’t realise how little awareness I had of my body and its sensations until I did this class.”

(STM Student, Brooke)

“The session with you has created a big shift in how I feel about my womb and being a woman. Very surprising! I didn’t expect such a shift.”

(STM Student, Janelle)

“I thought I was alone in how little I knew about my womb and femininity until I came to your workshop and found out everyone in the room was in the same boat! Yet we all left armed with much more knowledge and with greater confidence in our female form because of your passion in teaching women about the one thing we all have in common.”

(Workshop Participant, Franca)