Start 2019 with CLEAR INTENTION by Rebecca

Start 2019 with CLEAR INTENTION

by Rebecca

January is the perfect time to play with intention as the collective energy focuses on releasing the old and welcoming in the new.

One hears the word intention everywhere yet there can be many myths and misconceptions as to what it’s really about. Often when we set an intention it’s coming from our ego’s wants and desires. We then feel disappointed or lesser when it doesn’t actualise. For intention to really serve you, it’s essential that you actually tune in to what your SPIRIT or HIGHER SELF intends for you. After all, it’s your spirit that knows best what you need and want.

Ideally you want to align your personal will with your SPIRIT. That’s when life becomes truly magical. Your expression flows with fullness and heart. You feel an abundance of belonging, purpose and peace. It’s important to remember that our Spirit often has a plan and timeline of its own and the direction may not make sense initially. What’s important is that you remain clear in your intention, and in an open state – ready to receive.

Here are some simple tips for starting the new year with clear intention.

  • Acknowledge what you achieved or received in 2018. Recognising the gifts that have already come your way sets you up to continue receiving. Feel gratitude in your heart. It will open you further to receive.
  • Find a way to release any thoughts, energies or beliefs that no longer serve you. One idea is to make a list and burn it.
  • Meditate and at the end of the meditation ask your Spirit to show you your highest aligned intention for 2019. Honour whatever information you receive. It could be a word, symbol, colour or an entire scene. Don’t disregard any of the details however obscure they may seem.
  • Find a way to represent the intention visually so you can keep it somewhere close by. Keep referring to it throughout the year. You may choose to create a vision board. Remember to focus in on this image – again from a state of receptivity.
  • Trust and remain patient. Keep returning to that receptive and open state.

If you feel like diving deeper into the broad and nuanced topic of intention (and ultimately co-creation) come along to the one day workshop Start 2019 WITH CLEAR INTENTION on Saturday January 12 in the Qi Garden Studio. Playing with MEDITATION, SYMBOLISM, VISION BOARDING and DANCE you’ll access your Spirit’s vision for 2019 and begin anchoring it into form.

This workshop will be facilitated by Rebecca. A life-long seeker, Rebecca’s background is diverse. Her natural intuitive abilities have been honed through extensive study with numerous teachers in Australia and California – where she lived for many years. She is a certified Spirit Led Practitioner® and works individually, and regularly (fortnightly, monthly) with clients to support them on their spiritual path. She is a visual artist, dancer and Aquatic Therapy practitioner. Professionally, she has worked in the arts, run her own small business and launched new technologies in senior corporate roles in Australia and internationally.

Rebecca will be facilitating the START 2019 WITH CLEAR INTENTION workshop on January 12. Click here to book. 

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