Tibetan Bowl Chant, Meditation & Readings


with Janette Watkins


June 14


10AM – 5PM


Garden Studio

745 Glen Huntly Road, Caufield South



Contact & Bookings:  

0421 000 705



Booking with Janette is essential prior to workshop/course

Join this Sacred Circle to participate in Sound Healing, Meditation and Psychometry Readings from Spirit (using jewellery or small items).  This is a beautiful day to balance, heal and have fun with likeminded people.  You will need to bring 2 pieces of jewellery or personal items to be read by members of the group. You must own them and have worn them.  Develop your clairvoyant, clauraudient and clairsentient skills in a really positive, welcoming and encouraging team environment.  Your facilitator has taught spiritual development and trained people in a wide range of Spirit Careers over 20 + years. 

Workshop includes:  Opening Tibetan bowl chakra balance, guided meditation, Psychometry readings from spirit, and Chant to experience sound healing and vibration.

About Janette Watkins:

Janette Watkins

Janette has trained people to become professional Mediums, Spirit artists, Platform mediums, Writers, Spiritual healers/counsellors, Workshop facilitators and a wide range of Spirit Careers for over 20 years.

She teaches Mediumship by International Standards and her courses always build confidence and bring out the very best in each group member.  Her courses and workshops offer a safe and enjoyable space, always free from judgement and competitiveness. Everyone receives equal time and encouragement.
Workshops are run every Sunday.

We work only with positive energies and Circle Guides in Spirit. Janette’s experience as a Hypnotherapist assists those who wish to work with Trance Channelling & Mediumship to operate in a safe space.  We have fun but we work hard.  Lots of reading practice.

One of Janette’s special gifts is to help others to recognise their own abilities, qualities, individual styles and gifts, and help participants to develop, integrate and put them out confidently.  She has an ability to be able to see where people need to be and help them get there.