Traditional Usui Reiki: Level 1


with Susie Wells


July 10 & 11


10:30AM – 4:30PM




Garden Studio

(745 Glen Huntly Road, Caulfield South)

Contact & Bookings:  

0421 128 351

Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1 Workshop

Reiki 1 is an introduction into how to bring a beautiful healing system into your life.

Discover a new way of being and learn to connect and flow with the Reiki energy. It will be an insightful workshop to connect with other like-minded people whilst learning lifetime skills for self- healing to manage your everyday stresses and also to help others.

No prior healing experience necessary. You will be supported in a safe and nurturing environment over a full weekend. Handbook and refreshments provided. Certificate is received upon completion of the course.


  • SELF-HEALING – learn a self-healing modality that you can bring into your every day life.
  • INTUITION – awaken your intuition through attunements and meditation
  • COMMUNITY – connect to like minded souls.
  • RECONNECTION – to what is innately within us all.
  • SKILLS – to deal with every day stress.
  • CONNECTION – create a deeper connection with self.


  • ATTUNEMENTS – You will receive an attunement on both days of the workshop opening you up to Reiki energy.
  • MEDITATIONS – to raise your vibration in preparation for your attunement.
  • PRACTICAL – There will be plenty of hands-on practice of what you have learned.
  • TOOLS – You will learn some valuable self-healing tools that you can bring into your everyday life.
  • CERTIFICATE – You will receive a certificate in Reiki level 1 on completion of the workshop.
  • MANUAL – a comprehensive manual that covers all topics discussed in depth with additional information.
  • EXPERIENCED FACILITATOR – Susie is a qualified Reiki Master who has many years of experience using different high vibrational energies, which she brings into her healing practice and teaching.
  • TEAS AND TREATS – Complimentary herbal teas and healthy snacks.

Group sizes are kept small, with a maximum of 10 participants, to allow for a more intimate and personalised workshop. As with all energy healing workshops please remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day and to leave time afterwards to nurture your self whilst integrating the new energy frequencies.

This workshop operates within a safe and sacred space in which we encourage participants to explore and reconnect with their higher selves, whilst being respectful and mindful of each others personal space and journeys


I am an intuitive energy healer and teacher and it is my passion to help you turn on your inner light. “I’m here to remind you who you truely are, so you can begin to unravel the layers, heal your inner being and step into your personal power”. It is my intention to provide a safe nurturing healing space and tools to help people who are struggling and need guidance to live the life of their dreams.

I started my journey to self discovery in my late 30s. I am a wife and mother to two young adults. After discovering the life changing effects of receiving some powerful energy healings, I began studying Usui Reiki and Pellowah. I am now a Reiki Master, Pellowah practitioner, teacher and mentor.