Why is Spring the Best Time for a Detox? by Nadia Woods

Why Is Springtime The Best Time For Detox?

By Nadia Woods

Similar to why we feel so compelled to clear out the cupboards and de clutter the home, Spring brings a sense of renewal and increased energy.

Through the winter months we endured less sunlight, spent less time outdoors (so less fresh air and exercise) and probably ate increased amounts of ‘heavy’ foods. It is during this season change that we find our bodies and spirits keen to waken from hibernation in response to the environmental energies around us.

To facilitate this process and make way for increased energy and vitality, we can first spend a little time cleansing our organs and removing built up toxins.

What are the signs that you may need a detox?

You may be experiencing fatigue, brain fog, constipation, cravings, depression or stress, difficulty losing weight, insomnia, headaches, anger and frustration, skin issues and allergies.

Detoxes are not only about purging toxins from our liver, but are essentially related to clearing blockages in all eliminatory organs, and from our own energetic field or emotions. Each organ holds different emotions, and through cleansing / detox, we can release old, negative, and unnecessary emotions from these organs opening the door for clarity, contentment, positivity and feeling more grounded.

For example, the liver holds emotions such as anger, frustration, self sabotage, discontentment, feeling inhibited and unable to stand up for oneself. It is normal to feel a release of these emotions when cleansing. You may not even be aware they were stuck there, and they may have been there for a very long time.

Another example is the large intestine, which holds emotions such as being over critical, controlling and narrow minded. The small intestine is where you would feel abandonment, deprived of love and closeness.

When done correctly, you are holistically supported to cleanse without being encumbered by these symptoms and emotions.

What else can a detox do?

Supporting you health is essential during the season change. For many people, Spring triggers sinus and hay fever issues which can be prevented through detoxifying the liver and strengthening the bowel and mucous membrane passages. Detoxes will regulate your bowel movements and help eliminate your cravings for unhealthy foods. In addition, doing a supported detox will increase energy, increase metabolism and digestive capacity, improve skin appearance and strengthen your immune system.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me. For those who wish to book a Naturopathic appointment I am offering a September Detox Special.

Book a detox appointment in the month of September and receive a free pouch of herbal ‘detox tea’!

For more info or to make a booking please call Nadia on 0422 908 977

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