Energy Extraction Training with Alida Birch


Shamanic Journeying: Dark Energy Extraction Training

with Alida Birch


March 7 & 8


10:00AM – 4:00PM

*9:45AM arrival for a 10AM start.




Qi Healing Centre

745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Alida Birch

Bookings Essential:

0420 447 768

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Shamanism is the Path of Direct Revelation

Do you long for a direct connection to the spiritual world?

Are you wondering how to access spiritual help easily and at will?

The Shamanic Journey is a safe, time tested method of contacting the spirit world for answers to your deepest questions. This ancient problem solving tool safely opens the door to non-ordinary reality for healing, information, and personal power.


Participants in this training learn how to sense and carefully remove intrusions – those energies that create imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit. Emphasis is placed on developing relationships with loving, compassionate spirit helpers and safely merging with their power to facilitate these powerful shifts. Extractions often create the opening for effective soul retrieval integration and profound retrievals of power. Extractions find the origin of the imbalance, allowing healing to take place with lasting results.

PRE-REQUISITE: you are journeying successfully and have a working relationship with your helping spirit(s) with

  • Completion of BEGINNING SHAMANIC JOURNEYING TRAINING or similar training or experience

Note if you have experience or training in Beginning journeying, but have not studied the beginning journeying training, please contact us with your experience. Beginning Journeying will be taught by Alida on 22nd & 23rd February, 2020 – Please see booking link for more info.

Shamanism is the path of direct revelation. What this means is you have the ability to receive your own personal guidance without needing any intermediaries in the human world to help you. So it is a way for you to take back your power while being mentored by loving, compassionate Spirits.”


About Alida: 

For decades, Alida Birch has specialized in Shamanic healing and has been training others since 1993. She has extensive training with Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Tom Cowan & many indigenous shamans. She is a Harner Method Certified Shamanic Counselor and the author of The Co-Creation Handbook: A Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life.


“Alida Birch is a gifted shamanic teacher and practitioner who for 27 years has dedicated herself to compassionately mentoring her local shamanic community. I highly recommend her brilliant work and am delighted to refer clients to Alida for soul retrieval, shamanic healing, and training. Anyone studying with Alida will be blessed with the best that shamanism has to offer.”

Sandra Ingerman

author of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self

“I immediately knew this was my life work and flew to the USA to train with Alida in learning the Shamanic techniques of journeying and Soul Retrieval. The effects I witnessed just through our training was profound, inspiring, grounding, exciting and heart opening. This was work and connection to worlds beyond what we see with our eyes that I have always had and practiced, as many of us do. Upon completing my training, I knew in my heart it was time for Alida to come to Australia and teach this incredible modality. Alida also performed a dark energy extraction on me, and I have never felt the same since – just incredible – and so aware of energies entering my field that aren’t mine. I’ll be joining you in training in learning the extraction method, and sharing this with our community.


It’s incredibly needed for those with Shamanism in their heart to step up, and train again – for ourselves, our friends and families and communities. Through conditioning Shamanic work has been almost wiped from the Earth – and we are all people of the Earth – we all know this connection in our hearts, souls, and our connection to our own ancestors. It’s time for this work to be readily accessible to the community again. For our health, vitality, peacefulness and connection on Earth”

Paras Paradise

TRIBE One Heartbeat

“Alida’s work is powerful and life-changing. She is a clear channel to the spirit world and working with her has been a blessing to me. The sessions that I have had with her have lifted me out of a seemingly ‘despairing’ situation often providing me with immediate relief, peace and clarity and even facilitated a major relationship breakthrough. My teenage daughter also worked with Alida and was restored into a fuller more joyous life. Shamanic healing work has proven to be (for me and those I love) much more effective and healing than countless sessions of ‘talk therapy’. I’ve worked with her in person and long-distance, and both sessions were equally effective. Her work as a shamanic healer and teacher are extraordinary. I recommend her highly.”



“I feel reborn with a sense of vitality…For the first time in my life, I am meeting new people….My dearest friends have told me I am different and they are enjoying the happiness that I apparently seem to exude. They all say I am doing things (activities) that I have not done for al long time…Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom. You and your friends have helped me once again”



“I”I looked in the mirror the next day and I was back. The nurse at my doctor’s office was so excited to see me so vibrant again. Now my kidneys are functioning normally.”