Reiki 1 with Andrea Lowrey


Reiki 1

with Andrea Lowrey


November 10


10:00AM – 4:00PM



$50 deposit required upon booking


Qi Healing Centre

745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Andrea Lowrey

Bookings Essential:

0424 594 073

Need a way to recharge the batteries and get peace of mind in your busy life? Learn Reiki and healing will be at your constant disposal like a portable first
aid kit! Awaken your heart, mind and body to the spirit of Reiki.


  • The history of Reiki
  • How energy healing works
  • Self-healing and treating others
  • Hand positions
  • Strengthening your Reiki energy


  • A reiki session from another reiki channel, and the chance to practice
  • Reiki Level 1 attunement
  • Certification
  • Invitation to progress to Reiki 2 and further your skills and healing compacity
  • Healthy and nutricious lunch
  • Refreshments
  • FREE mentoring if you need it as you begin to practice
  • Membership to my online Facebook group for ongoing support & resources.
  • Connection to other supportive reiki channels.

If you are experiencing emotional and physical challenges and turning to Reiki to empower your healing journey, allow me to help. I am a qualified Counsellor and will combine both Reiki training and counselling assistance in this session. To secure your spot contact Andrea on 0424 594 073 or email:

About Andrea: 

Andrea is accredited by the Australian Reiki Association and has been teaching Reiki for 2 years. Her healing journey began 25 years ago in London, where she was attuned to Reiki 1 and 2 and learnt many skills in metaphysical mysteries including tarot, astrology, mediumship. She travelled for a year and visited Dr Usui’s memorial stone in Tokyo (the founder of Reiki) and climbed Mount Karama in Kyoto where Reiki was discovered. She settled in Australia, where she got her diplomas in health science and counselling, Reiki Masters and learnt hypnotherapy, meditation, intuitive healing and more advanced tarot and psychic work. She has trained at The Arthur Findlay College in England and with Denise Lynn, Matthew Manning, Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell.

Energy imbalance is the biggest cause of health issues. Becoming a Reiki Channel will cleanse your chakras, balance your mind, heal you so you can go on to heal others, bring clarity to your life path and bring you into alignment with your soul purpose and authentic self.