Alpha Alignment & Breakthrough Workshop with Dr. Robert Cote


Alpha Alignment & Breakthrough

with Dr. Robert Cote

Alpha Alignment Workshop

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February 18

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10:00am – 5:00pm

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743-745 Glen Huntly Road, Caulfield South, VIC

Dr. Robert Cote:

Dr Robert Cote is the founder creator and Instructor for Alpha Alignment and regularly practices the Alpha Alignment in Perth, Singapore and now in Melbourne.

Dr Robert Cote has a Bachelor degree in Health Science, a doctorate degree in Chiropractic Science and a Masters degree in Nutrition related to stress.

Although Robert was a theoretical health science and practicing chiropractor, he also spent years exploring other forms of healing, including Native American practices and rituals, the Aborigine woman’s way of healing and studied with Dr John Demartini, Dr Jim Singafoose and Dr Virgil Chrane.

The Alpha Alignment

Better Life Balance…

When you are in alignment, you are balanced. Having our body, mind and spirit in balance is a goal for many of us as we juggle our work and home priorities. We want to balance our lifestyles to avoid stress overload.

The inter-relationship of mind, body and spirit  affects your vital functions and human performance in all areas of your life. When you have a back or neck ache, it may be related to energy blockages.

Alignment Removes Blockages…

Alpha Alignment offers an alignment process whereby blockages to the flow of ‘life energy’ or ‘chi’  are temporarily removed, allowing that life energy to flow more freely to all parts of the body. As a result, you are promised a new sense of well-being, joy and zest for life. An Alpha Alignment treatment, which may be as short as ten minutes, can bring healing to stress, insomnia, anger and physical health issues. It leads to self-awareness.

Being aligned, you let your awareness work for you in a very real, balanced and natural way, a way that can stop you from over-reacting to the subtle, negative stresses of life. It offers a means of resolving your life issues and achieving your potential.

Robert practices in Melbourne once a month in Melbourne.

Want to release your full potential?

Alpha Alignment offers a means of enhancing the quality of your life and achieving your potential. It works on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, structural, muscular, vascular and chemical level. It’s a process where the blockages and/or restrictions in the flow of life energy are temporarily removed, allowing the energy to flow more freely to all parts of the body. In doing so, it brings the body gently back to its optimum state for healing to take place.

By getting aligned you will experience a state of freedom, release and more passion in your life.

Break Through Workshop

The breakthrough process is for anyone that has an unrealistic perception or emotional charge around a person or event in their life. The process helps to bring a balanced perspective and removes any emotional charges around that person or event.  By doing a Break Through a person can feel emotional freedom, gratitude, a better understanding and connection of themselves and those people and events around them.

The Break Through workshop is a 3 hour event run once a month at the Qi. Speak to Robert at your alignment appointment if you would like to attend.

The Alpha Alignment Course

Want to learn the Alpha Alignment technique and go on a personal growth journey? The Alpha Alignment course offers people the opportunity to learn the Alpha Alignment technique as well discovering more about themselves and growing their full potential.

The Alpha Alignment course teaches you the principles and Alpha Alignment. This unique technique moves the brain temporarily from Beta wavelengths to Alpha wavelengths cleaning, re-charging, balancing and stabilising your HEF. (Human Energy Field). The Alpha Alignment is based on the fundamental principle that any imbalance in the physical, mental or emotional state can be restored by body’s natural energy flow commonly referred to as vital force or “Chi”.

The Alpha Alignment course takes place once a month on a Sunday morning. It’s a 12 month, signed up for course. If you’re interested in joining the course speak to Robert at your next Alpha Alignment appointment.