Connection to Higher Self with Susie Wells


Connection to Higher Self

with Susie Wells


November 23


11:00AM – 4:30PM




Qi Healing Centre

745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Susie Wells

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0403 861 638

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This unique workshop has been designed to help participants learn valuable tools and techniques on creating a safe sacred space whilst connecting to their Higher Self. You will be able to use all skills taught outside of the workshop, bringing them into your every day life. This will allow for your inner-guidance to help you make the right decisions to move forward in a positive direction.

The day will include beautiful meditations; art therapy knowledge based learning and will end with a divine spiritual blessing to embody all that you have learnt throughout the day.


  • You will gain knowledge on how to set a sacred space where you can safely surrender to finding answers within.
  • You will connect together as a group through a guided meditation, which will help you to let go of any tension.
  • Together we will create a space of higher vibration where you will be shown techniques to connect to your Higher Self through automatic writing in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Create your own talisman through the process of Art Therapy to guide you outside of the workshop to connect to your Higher Self.
  • A spiritual blessing will be performed to help seal in the energy of all you have learned and a beautiful grounding meditation will end our day.

What’s Included:

  1. Experienced Facilitators – Both Susie and Tiffany are experienced facilitators who are able to hold sacred space with knowledge and understanding of their field of work.
  2. Meditations – Various divine meditations to raise the frequency of the group.
  3. Practical – You will be able to practice connecting to Higher self through automatic writing, create your own Talisman for self connection and be able to practice these skills outside of the workshop.
  4. Connection – Making new connections to wonderful like-minded people.
  5. Treats – There will be herbal teas and healthy treats available.
  6. What to bring – A water bottle, your journal, a blanket if it’s cold and an inquisitive mind.

As with all energy healing workshops please remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day and to leave time afterwards to nurture your self whilst integrating the new energy frequencies.

Our workshops operate within a safe and sacred space in which we encourage participants to explore and reconnect with their higher selves, whilst being respectful and mindful of each others personal space and journeys.

About Susie & Tiffany: 

Susie Wells

Susie is an intuitive energy healer and teacher working with different high vibrational energies to help bring about positive changes in a warm and nurturing manner

  • Reiki Master
  • Pellowah 1& 2
  • Diploma of Health Counselling

Tiffany Makinson

Tiffany is an intuitive energy healer and Art Therapist who has an extensive toolbox of healing modalities to assist those on a healing journey and spiritual path.

  • Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy
  • Pellowah 1& 2
  • Certificate of Holistic Counselling
  • Reiki 1& 2
  • Certificate of Feng Shui
  • Bachelor of Art and Design
  • Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration