Self-Clearing Level 1 Workshop with David Lane


Self-Clearing: Level 1

with David Lane


February 24


10:00AM – 4:00PM



$150 if booked before February 8 


Qi Healing Centre

745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


David Lane

Bookings Essential:

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0400 302 388

Self -Clearing Workshop: Learn a easy, fast way to shift your emotional state by yourself!

The most profound benefit you will receive from attending this workshop will be the ability to take ownership of:

  • Your emotional state
  • The way you respond to life, and
  • Your personal healing journey

You will take a huge step UP into working with the world using self respons-ability and into creating the life you want to have.

You can stop being a victim of your life circumstances.

Self Clearing is the creation of my colleague Dane Tomas and is an easy-to-use kinesiology-based tool for making fast and permanent shifts to your emotional state, yourself.

It is simple, accessible and effective.

There are free videos online from which you can learn Self Clearing, but for me embodiment is a key to successful learning. In this workshop I will take you through a face-to-face, fully embodied learning of the techniques taught in the free Self Clearing video and the book.

The investment is $170, but you can grab an Early Bird ticket before 8th Feb for $150.

You will learn:

  • Self muscle testing
  • Traps, pitfalls and things to avoid when self-testing
  • Emotional clearing and the ways in which to apply it such as:-
    • Chakra Clears – the go-to clearing protocol to re-balance yourself into a present state and feel great
    • Statement Clears – clear the beliefs and emotions you have on any concept / thing you can put into words
    • Root Clears – clear the emotional patterns you have in relationship to other emotions

You will also receive:

  • Free Hardcopy of the Self Clearing book by Dane Tomas. (RRP $25. You can also buy a Kindle version for $4 on Amazon)
  • Self Clearing Flowchart
  • 5 Elements Emotions chart
  • Meridian Access Points Chart
  • A technique you can use for the rest of your life.

I want you to really ‘get’ this. As soon as you lock in your place, I will PM you the link to the free videos and attach the related charts so you can make a great head-start on the workshop content.

That way you will create a much deeper understanding of the technique and how to get optimal results during the workshop.

About David

I am a mind body practitioner with over 10 years of experience. Using a compassionate, personable but no-nonsense approach I have helped many people over the years with many issues. Once principally utilising Kinesiology, I have added The Spiral and Emotional Clearing to my toolkit to continue to assist my clients attain wonderful outcomes. I have always been determined to have people be empowered to progress themselves on their journey to authenticity and achievement, so I am now excited to be able to teach Self Clearing to all who would learn it.