Empowerment for Empaths with Cindy Melksham


Empowerment for Empaths

with Cindy Melksham


December 7


2:00PM – 3:30PM




Qi Healing Centre

745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Cindy Melksham

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0448 512 199


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Are you an Empath?

Have you been called “too sensitive”?

Perhaps you take on the emotions of others, often to your own detriment or you are easily overwhelmed by crowds?

If you are often weighed down by the emotions and pain of those close to you, or the pain and suffering of the collective, you would benefit from tools and techniques to release the weight of these emotions as well as ways to protect and reset your energy.

Being able to feel deeply, is a gift once you know how to manage it effectively!

Throughout this workshop you will:

  • Be given the opportunity to reflect on the key people in your life that you spend the most time around (and those you avoid)
  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries & how to put yourself first
  • Learn about the power of intention in your interactions & how to shield yourself quickly from absorbing others energy in the moment.
  • Learn a variety of tools & techniques to re-energise yourself when you’ve been drained by others
  • Experience a Protection Meditation for Empath
  • Have the opportunity to meet like-minded souls
  • Learn how to Build Energetic Resilience
  • Please bring a notebook and pen.

Cost is $33 and all tickets to be purchased through the ticket link.

Please note there are no refunds for this event.

About Cindy: 

Cindy is an Energy Healer, Empowerment Coach and Intuitive Guide with degrees and qualifications in Psychology, Life Coaching and a range of healing modalities including, Reiki Healing, Pellowah Healing, Alpha RePatterning and EFT. Cindy is a licensed Louise Hay, “Heal Your Life” Workshop Facilitator and is passionate about assisting people to heal the past so they can experience a new way of being, living and thriving in the present and beyond. Cindy is a certified Pellowah Healing Teacher and facilitates Pellowah Level 1 & 2

Courses monthly. Cindy offers one to one client sessions and a range of workshops from Hearts & Minds Wellness Hub in Boronia.

Prior to working in her healing business, Cindy worked in the corporate and community sectors for many years and has a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of people.