Protect Your Magic with Gina Robinson


Protect Your Magic

with Gina Robinson


March 24


12:00PM – 5:00PM




745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Gina Robinson

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We each have a unique mix of characteristics, gifts, talents and abilities that we bring to our lives. There has never been anyone like you. When we truly understand this, the more effectively we can unleash our life force out into the world. When we aren’t in touch with our own magic (and don’t even see it as such), we’re likely to give it away and find ourselves struggling in the following areas:

  • Health
  • Love and Romance
  • Business Opportunities
  • Finances
  • Connection to Something Greater Than Ourselves

Often we’re naïve and oblivious to our energy fields, unaware we’re giving away all we have and more, without seeing the effect it has on our lives. Some of us start to connect the dots and then become over jaded and cautious, never wanting to give anything. Others continue to give and give, becoming exhausted, depleted, and never truly getting ahead in life. Often those closest to us can be the worst offenders in over-stepping boundaries and taking us for granted, without meaning to.

  • This is a women’s only workshop for ladies who have:

    • Given 110% and more at a job, yet never received the pay you were worth, or the title and recognition you deserved.
    • Dated someone you really liked, things were going well and then suddenly fizzled out without you knowing why.
    • Struggled to lose weight, even though you eat well and exercise.
    • Shared your ideas only to have someone else use it and take the credit without acknowledging you as the original source.
    • Opened up your world to a new friend and found that they infiltrated in too far for comfort and became a “single white female”
    • Been with a man you weren’t interested in because you felt bad rejecting him.
    • Found yourself utterly exhausted at the end of the year, feeling drained and resentful without anything left to give.
    • Slept with someone you really liked and then never heard from them again.
    • Had friends tell you their problems or achievements and forget to ask how you are.
    • Reached the end of the day and felt like you got nothing done.
    • Missed out on something important to you because you were busy helping someone else.
    • Ended up with broken, tatty nails or outgrown, poorly styled hair because you didn’t have the time for self-care.
    • Found yourself feeling angry and resentful without being sure why.
    • Spent a lot of time with someone you were interested in only to be told “I don’t see you like that”.
    • Met up with someone who got loads of great tips and hints out of you and then found yourself paying for your coffee AND theirs.
    • Found that you’re not as far along as you’d like to be in your own business because you’ve been helping others (without payment, recognition or reciprocation).
    • Volunteered your time at an event only to find that you left even worse off than you started (paid for your own transport, weren’t offered food, got sick from assisting for too many hours, had to chase for updates, etc)
    • Arranged to meet up with a friend and had them cancel at the last minute because something better came along.

If any of the above resonate with you, you have had your magic stolen – your time, energy, gifts, and knowledge were taken. Not everyone is deserving of that magic, it needs to be earned.

Join Gina Robinson, Holistic Consultant for an interactive workshop on Protecting Your Magic and learn how to see your value, and set higher standards. Achieving this state requires an awareness of where you are leaking energy or giving away your power, releasing the blockages that have kept you stuck, and taking steps to make different choices. This will be the only workshop Gina hosts in Melbourne this year.

  • In this workshop, expect to:

    • Examine areas of your life where you give away your power.
    • Go on a journey of self-discovery to tune into your unique gifts.
    • Experience a powerful group healing to clear past life and ancestral patterns that have formed inherited limiting beliefs – this will be personalised depending on the predominant needs of the specific group who feel called to this work. Expect to feel the physical effects of the blockage/emotion leaving your body.
    • Receive tools and tips to help you open to your inner magic, trust your instincts, value yourself more highly, and set boundaries to protect your magic.
  • Benefits:

    • Become more confident in your abilities and feel empowered to ask for re-numeration for your time and knowledge.
    • Open to new exchanges based on your higher level of self-respect by releasing resentments from imbalanced relationships.
    • Stop feeling drained and resentful from over-giving, and learn to set boundaries and protect your time in order to use it for a higher purpose.
    • Experience relief from physical symptoms manifesting as a result of limiting beliefs and outdated patterns of being.
    • Understand how to project generosity, but know when you are being taken advantage of and ensure it doesn’t happen.
    • Attract more of what you want and repel what you don’t by understanding how to keep your energy field open, and protected at the same time.


About Gina: 

Gina Robinson started her spiritual journey over 13 years ago, using meditation and alternative therapies to develop her innate healing and intuitive abilities. With a natural gift for gently guiding people to recognise and understand their own patterns, Gina’s engaging style uses questions and stories to enable her clients to pinpoint the core of the issue. Gina has trained and worked professionally all over the world and is qualified in a range of healing modalities, including: Akashic and Galactic Record Readings, Reiki, Channelling, and Advanced Shamanism. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge; incorporating psychology, astrology, and numerology in her work. She travels extensively and has participated in courses, conferences, shamanic initiations, and plant healing ceremonies throughout the globe (UK, Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia).

Gina’s most important asset from her past is a wealth of leadership experience in a wide range of industries. She gained experience and built key skillsets at internationally renowned companies; with a focus on music, fashion, events, make-up, hairdressing, and high-end lifestyle management, giving her the ability to break down and understand issues from multiple perspectives.

Gina uses her natural organisational abilities and unique outlook to assist others in actualising their dreams by guiding them to create their own intuitive, bespoke solutions to problems. She is invited to speak and host workshops in major cities worldwide, on a variety of topics and has a knack for sharing key information at the right time. She considers herself a mirror, here to reflect back your own inner knowing. Gina aims to communicate in a way that resonates with each individual on a highly personal level to ensure everyone experiences a shift in their energy; allowing them to see things from a new point of view and make changes to their life accordingly.