Introduction to Human Design with Bood


Introduction to Human Design

with Bood


November 24


Free Talk: 10AM – 12PM

Relationships Workshop: 12:30PM – 2:30PM

Collaboration Workshop: 3PM – 5PM


Introduction Talk is free

$20 per person for the workshops


Qi Healing Centre

745 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Bood Hickson

All welcome to free talks, to reserve your place for the Relationships or Collaboration workshop please ring or text 0429 121 212

Human Design is a modern cosmology that integrates ancient  wisdom (astrology, auras, chakras, kabbalah and the i’Ching), to create our bodygraph and help us to be ourselves and resist conditioning.

Bood has studied the divine arts for over thirty years and is keen to share his understanding of how the divine arts can liberate people and contribute to ending much of the suffering on Earth.  To achieve this he offers his knowledge, through a diverse offering of courses, tools and mentoring services globally over the Internet, at workshops, festivals or his home. He is offering a series of workshops at Qi this weekend:


Bood will be offering a free talk as an introduction to Human Design from 10AM to 12PM.


When we comprehend just how unique we are, we can begin to appreciate why our relationships with others are so amazing. We look at how our auric fields interact with others in this 12:30 – 2:30PM workshop. $20 per person.


Cosmology has so much to teach us about our relationships, and how we can be more effective in engaging with others. We discuss how to build successful teams using Pentas and Was in this 3PM – 5PM workshop. $20 per person.

You are also welcome to ring, text or email Bood for your free Human Design chart and to organise a $80 90-minute reading.

About Bood: 

Bood Hickson is an Australian organic gardener, environmentalist and mentor who has spent decades studying esoteric wisdom. Starting first with palmistry, numerology and tropical astrology, and more recently intuitive healing, Human Design, the Tarot and I’ Ching. When woven together these spiritual modalities make up  ‘Divine Cosmology’ and complement scientific cosmology based on astrophysics. The Internet, hundreds of brilliant books and personal development courses have helped fuel and direct Bood’s on-going search to understand how life really works.

‘My initial objective was to comprehend my own unique nature. Now I am integrating and synthesising this knowledge to help people align with their higher purposes. I don’t pretend to have found all the answers; yet I can share incredible insights into how we function, what differentiates us from each other, and how to resist the societal conditioning that limits our true potential.’