Egyptian Summer Solstice: Great Goddess Isis & Baste


Egyptian Summer Solstice: Great Goddesses Isis & Baste

with Janette Watkins

Mediumship & Shamanic Teacher – 20 yrs


December 1


9:45AM – 5:00PM




Qi Healing Centre

743 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Janette Watkins

Bookings Essential:

0421 000 705

Booking with Janette is essential prior to workshop

The Summer Solstice has been celebrated by cultures all over the world for centuries.  It is the day when the Sun is at its highest in the sky.  A time of great magick when a spiritual portal is said to open and one can travel behind the veil.  This is the day to set your intentions through candle spell magic for the new year.  Of all the old cultures the Egyptians celebrated the spiritual life in ways with temples, pyramids of great stature and grandeur.  At the time of the Summer Solstice, the great Goddess Isis is said to have inundated the Nile.  The Temple of Baste was a sanctuary for the temple cats on the Island of Bubastis and the Goddess Baste was the goddess of fine things – perfumes, jewelry and breaking of Taboos. People would travel by boat to Bubastis and celebrate in the most outrageous ways.  So if you would like to dust off the old year and welcome in the new with a fun group of likeminded people you will love this workshop.  Develop your reading and channelling skills in the magical energy of Isis and Baste.

Workshop includes:  Channelled message Cards; Guided Meditation; Temple Cats readings; Creative task; Candle Magic Ceremony (Spell candles, scrolls and magic ritual).

About Janette:

Janette Watkins

Janette has trained people to become professional Mediums, Spirit artists, Platform mediums, Writers, Spiritual healers/counsellors, Workshop facilitators and a wide range of Spirit Careers for 20 years.

She teaches Mediumship by International Standards and her courses always build confidence and bring out the very best in each group member.  Her courses and workshops offer a safe and enjoyable space, always free from judgement and competitiveness. Everyone receives equal time and encouragement.
Workshops are run every Sunday.