The Power of Sacred Geometry and Crystal Grids with Leela Fernandez


The Power of Sacred Geometry and Crystal Grids

with Leela Fernandez


July 6


10:00AM – 4:00PM



$50 deposit required upon booking


Qi Healing Centre

743 Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South VIC 3162


Leela Fernandez

Bookings Essential:

0413 007 789

Sacred Geometry is an ancient and powerful form of universal symbolism that lies in everything in our reality. It is made up of a variety of shapes, forms and patterns within nature, sacred architecture and art.

With this workshop receive an understanding of the potential use of some of the symbols, how to create some, be guided in meditations, and learn to integrate its power and potency into your space and lives with crystal gridding and its integration with manifestation. Learn about crystal grinding, how to use it as a ritual with your symbols, and how it adds to what you wish to bring into your life.

About Leela: 

Leela, Art Therapist and Artist works helping others connect to the self through creativity, visualisation, symbology and crystals. She uses different tools and processes to tap into the subconscious to bring things into conscious awareness, as well as using dreams, guided meditation, breath and various materials to understand and connect with the self.

Every process is about the journey.

She approaches her work with beautiful mediums and tools to help nurture the soul and unlock the door to what is beyond.

Leela also holds workshops with Sacred Geometry, Mandalas, Connecting to the heart, and Finding your Creativity. Creating space and facilitating people through their journey.

Leela also hand paints personalised Astrology Birth Charts which come with a stylised report. Made to order.